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Found 3 results

  1. I have a ton of ideas, and so to not flood the forums, I'm putting the simple ones under 1 post since they all pertain to 1 category. Quality of Life 1. Let you choose between classic and minimalistic sounds, such as when doing philo or other things the classic sound of your character going awwww YEH or making a sad sound upon failure, vs minimalistic/modern sound of just the chime sound with no character vocal sound. Could be a toggleable option in the settings. 2. Zoom in/out speed. A slider like the view distance slider that adjusts the speed at which you use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out, personally I find it very slow at it's current speed and while it's not a huge deal, it'd be nice not to have to do a full scroll roughly 4 times just to zoom fully in or out. 3. Remove the dd "match" system because it seems very strange that it can just decide who you are and aren't compatible with, and make it so you can't dd with your friend or a random person at all. Maybe not, totally "remove" the match system, but just remove the aspect where you can't dd with people under 30 compatibility. 4. Let us edit our DD info because obviously, our likes, dislikes, region, and age will/can change over time. For example when I put my age in I was 22 but my birthday was in a few days so it just bothered me lol. 5. When destroying or selling items, it'd be great to have a "select multiple tool" so that way we don't have to click and drag and confirm amount and confirm to sell/destroy for every single item/stack of an item. Obviously it's not a big deal but it'd just be a fantastic quality of life upgrade that would save so much time. Or maybe create a third, smaller window that we can drag items into to sell/trash. 6. Press Esc to close booths just like any other window. 7. Press E to click yes. 8. Let us change storage tabs by hovering an item over it, just like in the inventory. 9. A quick move keybind maybe like Shift+Right Click or something so we don't have to click and drag items. Doesn't seem super important but it gets tedious if we finish grinding and have pages of materials. HUD/Interface 1. Since it's considered common knowledge for booths to say 1=200Bil or something like that, put the numbers from left to right on the square, just like how the hotbar looks, from 1-24 2. Clicking S or C, removes the level up HUD instead of forcing you to manually click it, even if you use the new point you just got. 3. Chat bubble opacity slider/options. 4. In the dd screen, add 2 info slots of their main language and their level, that way if we did want to socialize and meet new people, we could actually do it without having to try every single person because we don't know if it's even possible to dd together, or if we speak the same language. 5. Make Alt+Ctl 1-4 or Shift+1-4 change the top skill bar. 1-0 uses our skills, Alt+1-4 cycles our bottom skill bar, and ctr+1-0 uses our top bar skills, but to my knowledge there's no keybind to cycle our top skill bars which depending on your playstyle and setup could get frustrating/annoying while in the middle of battle. 6. See ally and enemy buffs and debuffs. I know this is already on the list of things to do but I just thought I'd mention it. 7. Rework party interface. I haven't thought about this one too much, but it just seems really outdated. Some of the words on the buttons when you're in a party could be replaced with much better words. I also think some of them don't even work anymore. 8. Borderless window mode, I know this is also on the list but I'll put it here anyways.
  2. B> Farouk Crystall Ball Necklace note to: LupusRexx
  3. PM Gravewalker or leave a msg at discord, Karliah#8892 or leave a message here Also Buying Blacksmith Scrolls & Bad / Clean Vset
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