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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone, I'm excited to share my project with you all: the CLO Items List on NPC Shop in game! Check it now > CLO Items List on NPC Shop This website features a wide range of items available from NPCs across all maps in Celestia Luna Online. Here are the website's key features: Mobile-first (Accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.) Search bar (Find any item by name, description, location, or NPC name.) Tag list (Click on tags to explore different item categories effortlessly.) Reset button (Just hit the reset button to clear filters and see all available items.) You can check out the NPC store locations listed below: Alker Harbor Alker Farms Nera Castle Nera Harbor Zakandia Outpost Zakandia Tarintus Moon Blind Forest Red Orc Outpost Mont Blanc Port Sahel Zone Oasis of Parasus Feel free to leave your feedback below. Enjoy exploring the website! Best regards, IGN : CruncyChoco.
  2. Hi. I am coming again with a question. I just bought a belt ( Fierce Dragon Slayer ) in Gem Store. I just wonder, is it can be imbued with a philosopher's stone? Because I saw many people are selling it in Vending Booth with Option (stats) from philosopher;s stone. And then I tried to take a philosopher's stone from NPC near Alice. I double clicked the philosopher's stone and tried to drag the belt ( Fierce Dragon Slayer ) but it said 'The item can not be granted an option or is not for your level' . Is my belt can not be imbued like others? Or the others' belt is different from mine ( from crafting, drop item etc ) ? I need an explain if you would like to answer my question. Any answer is a big help for me. Thank you. See my attachment below (img ) 1st image is other people's belt that sold in Vending Machine. 2nd image is my belt. 3rd image is philosopher stone that I used.
  3. Welcome at my Graphic Art Studio. Here you can request for free graphic works. In my offer are: • Signatures • Avatars • Banners • Text Works • Photos Editing • Logos • Desings • Rendering • Buttons If you want request please follow this format: Size: ....x.... Photo: ....... Text: .......... Text 1: ......(optional) Rules: 1. One person can order three times per week. 2. Hiding my logo on works is forbidden. 3. I have three days to finish your request. Enjoy and feel free to request! ~Edit #1~ If you request about signature with character from game (screenshot image) here are some details about it: 1. No Skill Effects (can't reneder them) 2. Try to choose background which is not same as your costume/set/weapon. Example: It's not so important but make my work easier :) 3. Don't use head itmes which are covered with your nick. Durring rendering i will have to cut it and part of it will just look ugly. Ty so much (/*3*)~
  4. Help i used to be able to buy things with real money can i still? like id go to a store and buy this card and then go to luna website and buy stuff can i i still do that is so how?
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