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  1. Hmm. Your signatures and Avatars.. That style >.> You remind me of an old graphic artist that used to play celestia luna back in 2010-2011. I cant remember the name, but it was like Yukitosomething. I know that's wrong, but I remember it starting with a Y. I'd recognize that style anywhere. It's what sparked my interest and led me to create my own shop on forum for a a game called TDP4:Team Battle. Infact, Yuki made the avater that im currently using. Granted, it's all pixelated  because of the new forum dealio. But yeah. Just wanting to know if it was you or not o-o

    1. Faithfully


      Heyo it was YukkioValkyrie and it's not me.

    2. honeyMOONx3


      sis, its me kenji, msg me as soon as possible i need talk u thanks!

  2. Hi Yuki :P  is your GIF signature works still available? I hope they were T_T Because i want to request if possible or if you're available they really look cute >.<

    1. Faithfully


      Hayo, yeah they are :D im just rarely online now.

    2. Ʀɧɩɩɳ ʗɧəɳ

      Ʀɧɩɩɳ ʗɧəɳ

      Yay, When are you available? I really love :love: your work that's why i want to request for me XD

  3. Wtf, why are you using my nick as your IGN nick?

    1. honeyMOONx3


      Sis , it’s me kenji , please msg me I need talk to u , I miss u. U still remember me ? I use our picture as an profile picture here in forum remember me? How r u ? 

  4. [img=http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/miku1231/2l8f690_zpstn9fipyj.png]
  5. [img=http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/miku1231/alv_zpsztp7lh5i.png]
  6. Hey i'll try to do it as fast as possible but please forgive me delay cuz my exam session has started and i have a lot of other things to do.
  7. [img=http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/miku1231/signa_zpsf79cpeiy.gif] [img=http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/miku1231/unu_zpsrek3rlku.gif] [img=http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i336/miku1231/sca_zpsqbxesaxj.jpg]
  8. oh god XD you know that you can hide your nick in the game right? Also i need a gif picture to combine it with your signature. Example: Go find something and add it to your request. :)
  9. First of all, please follow the rule about screenshots (hide your nick). Second, i'm not sure if you are aware that gif signatures are not free (it costs 1b in the game) and i need to get a gif to mix it with your signature. Fix your request and i'll make it for ya. :)
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