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Found 2 results

  1. i played this game from 2013 and starting over this 2020. i think there is so much changes in the game what i know from past luna or other RPG/MMORPG games, the Tank role is supposed to "tank" the enemy/monster and other party member supposed to hit the mobs with decent damage while the Tank lack of it. but today P.Deff 22k isnt even could mob 20 maggot in garden, because of the latest mechanic how P.Deff works and add Block Percentage. its so sad i think the games changes so much, but maybe its for balancing between other job in other use like PvP/PvE people (105-150) leveling with boost, not leveling together partying. I know its the right for others to spend their money into whatever they want, but what makes it fun? and people only care for themselves claiming monster spot all-alone im not blaming the farmer job, but why we only can farm with "the only farming job" (if you know what i mean), why not make other jobs capable to farm Its peoples right to be individualistic or not, but i think its more fun when we can play together, partying etc sorry for the messy thread and english language, its my first thread here Thanks
  2. Alfa21

    Tank and Help

    For be a good tanker player and help other players what level of Attract Circle is need Level 20 or the skill is bugged?
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