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Found 1 result

  1. HUMAN PALADIN ~ THE MEAT CANNON Contents: A. Why the heck are you using such weird words? Meat cannon? Really?~ B. Defending my choice of race~ C. Path~ D. Stats and skill build~ E. Equipment~ F. Words from the guide maker~ A. "Q" Yes, What the heck with those words? Are you one of those hipster something pft? .__. "A" LoL Just got the idea from a friend, he was calling his soft nuker "Glass Cannon" and then I was like "Then a tough nuker is a meat cannon!" That's about it B. Defending my choice of race~ "Q" Why Human? You freaking passed the chance of having RI and having more freaking def from elf skills Psh .__. "A" Well, As I've said before, This guide is for the Meat Cannon Paladin, not for those sissy Meat Shield Paladins. Afterall, humans get burning rage and there's a class you'll have to get for your 4th changing which isn't available for elves. C. Path~ Your path would be Fighter > Warrior > Swordsman > Gladiator > Paladin~ "Q" Really? I thought we were making a Meat Cannon Pally? Why Glad instead of Knight? "A" Well, We're not aiming for flat damages since hell if we'll get that much considering that we have inferior weapons compared to other classes, thus having Solid weapon is inferior to Rage Burst which can be taken by Gladiators. "Q" Lol, Mercs can take Rage burst too, then just go Merc > Knight for more damage "A" Yeah sure, also pass the chance of getting SB, Sleep, Sword acc when you reach swordsman, Not to mention that Merc gives you only level 2 Rage burst and Glad gives you level 4. D. Stats and Skill build For your stats, I suggest going full vit till we reach lvl 115/120 since we're staying at the meat shield side till 115/120. BUT! But once we reach 115/120, We'll start on being a glass cannon by using Re-skill scroll (unless you wanna stay on your meat shield only mode) Thus, we'll be switching by using re-stat to either full str or full dex build. We go DEX only if we can reach atleast 800 crit rate, otherwise, we go STR. P.S. Dex is the perfect stat for this build, Because like our brother destroyers, SM and magnus, we're gonna stand on the crit side (We have are pros and cons). (Stay full vit if you're having troubles with speed battles where you cant cast your blunt shield before they stun/sleep/root you. Or when people suddenly 1 hit the hell out of you) Ok, for your skill build Fighter MAX Fighter Heart MAX Burning Rage MAX Enhanced HP MAX Strike Attack MAX 1H Training MAX Sword Training WARRIOR MAX Fighter Heart MAX Burning Rage MAX Strike Attack MAX 1H Training LV 1 Battle Shout MAX Risk Taker MAX Warrior Form MAX Sword Training SWORDSMAN MAX Bloody Sky MAX Sword Storm MAX 1H Training MAX Sword Training GLADIATOR MAX Fighter Heart MAX Risk Taker MAX Rage Burst MAX Warrior Form MAX Sword Training MAX Battle Cry PALADIN MAX Heavy Armor Expertise MAX Troopership MAX Burning Rage LV 21 Enhanced HP MAX 1H Training LV 1 Attract Circle LV 1 Sonic Boom MAX Blazing Body LV1 Rage Sword MAX Blessing Guard (LV 106~109) "Q" Why these skills? "A" This skill build is for your early Paladin considering that this is your first char, this build is mainly for farming. Yes, Pallys can solo farm considering that they have high defense and decent damage. "Q" You said something about re-skilling earlier, what skills should I get now that I'm 115/120? "A" Ok, here's your final skill build starting from level 115 FINAL MAX Strike Attack > Double Strike LV1 Sonic Boom LV1 Rage Sword LV1 Battle Cry (Anti Stealth only) MAX Fighter Heart MAX Solid Shield LV1 Attarct Circle LV1 Shield Barrier MAX Iron Shield MAX Burning Rage LV21 Enhanced HP MAX Rage Burst MAX Risk Taker MAX Warrior Form MAX 1H Training LV17 Sword Training MAX Sword Accuracy LV19 Heavy Armor Expertise MAX Shield Training MAX Troopership (CONGRATS! YOU'VE ATTAINED THE BEST MEAT CANNON IN THE GAME!) Take these in your succeeding levels after 115 MAX Blessing Guard ~ 119 MAX Sword Training ~ 121 MAX Heavy Armor Expertise ~ 122 MAX Enhanced HP ~ 124 MAX Blunt Shield ~ 127 MAX Magic Barrier ~ 130 LV16 Battle Shout ~ 132 (You can take this early if you want depending on your damage output) E. Equipment~ For starters, get an H Set with vit/str/AGI philo/craft Aias Shield 20-20 STR Hath-Hath STR/VIT Philo Flicks DS Weapon/Armor/Log Master MS Opts Kynee 20STR/VIT/AGI Philo Steno Sword/DM(Death Maker) STR/VIT/DEX craft philo BWL 90 crit phix/L.Cape Frankie Then change your armor and shield to H. Armor High DEX craft/philo M. Boots high DEX craft/philo HB or CB Set, your choice with good STR/DEX philo Get yourself an alternative strike eqs if ever you're having trouble playing with eva players.(Though you can kill them with just your Double strike and Blunt shield combo) F. Words from the guide maker~ This is the first guide I ever made in the current server. I'm open to corrections and suggestions but keep it logical. Anyways, thanks for taking your time in reading my Meat Cannon Guide~ (Equipment Section Edited: 11 hours after making the guide) (Equipment and Final skill build section edited: I dunno how many days after making the guide :D) IGN: llLu/llRu/llReimu Paladin/TM/RM
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