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  1. ^ That But meh, you're sometimes locked with only negative choices like "Surrendering" or "Staying in a war againts a ghost guild forever" But this situation is really funny considering that you're in a war with a supposed to be known guild. They're just tarnishing their own reputation >.<
  2. Happened before to my old guild. We ended up having a war againts a certain guild for a few months. Every people in the opposing guild went inactive .__. The only way we got out of it is by surrendering since nobody in the opposing guild is active. This kind of war is a pain in the neck. While people in the opposing guild is still active, make them feel what hell your guild can offer. Drive them to extinction. They get tired they surrender or they get tired, they quit CL, you surrender. It's a win-win situation to me even if you surrender. Unless you don't have le sadistic spirit in you which I highly doubt :D
  3. Shi

    Cure Poison

    Does this mean that getting lvl 7 Cure Poison is pointless?
  4. Shi

    Cure Poison

    What level of Cure Poison is required to remove the effects of Venom Cloud? Somebody told me that level 10 is required. Is this true? Cz I can only get the level 7 one since I'm not a Cardi QQ
  5. `~Mashiro Shiina ( Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo) `~Chrono (Chrono Crusade) `~Nyarlatothep (Haiyore Nyaruko-san)
  6. Swordmasters who have gone through Knight instead of Gladiator doesnt have rage burst which boosts your Critical damage when using swords by 21% I'd suggest going for dual axe or 2h axe instead of sword since you dont have rage burst. Also, you could pick from H set + Regulus or H armor + M boots + HB Set. (Assuming that you're after critical/nuker type human SM) But seriously, Sword type SM which hasnt gone through Gladiator is a waste of talent. Go for G axe if 2h, Partisan + 115 crafted axe if Dual.
  7. Shi

    inside steaming poop

    Fertilizers thingy, Literally trash items xD P.S. Steaming Poop = Event reward from the find Bio thingy~
  8. Shi

    Help Pl0x :3

    This. I'd still suggest going RK>Pally than Knight>Magnus since Pally gives lv25 Enhanced HP and lvl 20 Heavy Armor Masteries, also the lvl 5 Troopership. Not to mention the lvl 8 Pdef buff :D
  9. The aura of pew pew is strong in this one~
  10. Shi

    Buti kumonte :D

    Parang months ago lang kumakalat din sila ah :D Naubos ata ng mga pulis ng CL xD
  11. Shi

    Buti kumonte :D

    Buti nalang kumonte na mga RMTraders sa pinas bihira na ako mka basa ng "Ginto para sa PHP" Kadalasan ko nlng nkkta eh Pulsa pulsa pulsa xD Oh professional undergrounders na mga tindero ng ginto sa pinas ngaun?
  12. This felt like an archangel's breath hitting my eardrums :D
  13. Why not just reset the farm slots? :D
  14. This always happens when my school ends early :D The server always go on a brief death, wasting my precious chance to play more of CL~ "Pew pew pew~ Die Mr.Chance~" ~ Like that.
  15. Yep, My only problem now is "How the heck can I kill freaking sleepers like you who doesn't even give my pally the chance to hit a 2nd blunt xD
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