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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Terribly sorry if this has been asked before (I searched and couldn't seem to find anything), but this question is in regards to movement speed bonuses on costumes! I'm not sure what the basal speed of a Luna character is, so working out percentages doesn't really help me any. I'm just wondering which of the two gives a bigger speed bonus (if any!). Thanks!! ♡
  2. hello there, as I stated on the title, which one is better? based on ms orange posts here → http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/22235-movement-speed/?hl=%2Bbase+%2Bspeed#entry241237 i tried to calculate it by myself.. but before that, I am wondering if KOD's effect (black lion king) is really 30% mspd.. thus make KOD's movement speed isn't any different with LV50 wing? or even worse? because LV50 wing gives 35%, rite? @[email protected] so i tried to calculate it, and i found: my base raw mspd point: 610.2 plus the effect from the LV50 wing (35%) so it's 823,77 ? so if i change my wing with phixus it's gonna be 610+150 = 760 ?? then i'll become SLOWER??? could anybody explain it to me? because in present condition I couldn't get my hand on both of them, I could only choose one, so I had no chance to tested it with the actual item @[email protected] thanks
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