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Temper master guide (dagger)


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Welcome to my guide, maybe this guide can help you guys to make a Temper Master

Hmm... TM is a flexible class, TM can use dual dagger, 1h dagge + shield, or use Bow

but in this topic, i just want share TM with dual dagger and 1H dagger

coz i never try bow hehehehe :D

Race : TM is elf only

Path job: Ruffian- scout/archer(but i choose scout)- Treaseure Hunter - Temper Master ( same path for dual or 1h)

Stat : maybe for stat for lvl 1-117 you must be fill your dex, because dual wield expertise decrase your crit, and if you reach lvl 117 with lvl 5 dual wield expertise u can change it to STR

- why ruffian instead voyager?

First, because e use dagger here xD, and got detect hole buff, it ill help you for lvling

-For lvl 40 you can choose archer/scout, is same coz you will have fatal touch buff when you be TM, and got whispering max at TM

but im choose Scout here, because easy for lvling, helpfull whispering wind and side step buff

and if in the future CL have passive job bonus, TM will have extra p.a and strike if choose Scout :D hehehe (i hope it will have )

-Why TH instead rune walker or ranger?

when you reach lvl 75, treasure hunter is best path i think, Why? you will get massive AOE (Hunter Blast and Hunter smoke(antimiss skill)) and got ur future main active skill (dagger blow (range 15m)). if you choose Rune walker you waste ur time, coz TM have all Rune walker skill include passive and buff, if you choose ranger, hmm i dont know(never try it xD) but its hard for Grind without massive AOE like Hunter Blast and wind breaking :D

- Why choose TM?

LOL ahahah

next : skill

- Rogue (lvl 1-19)

active skill :

1. dusk slashing (max)

passive skill: 

1. dagger training(max)

2. light evasion(max)

3. blindside(max)

4. death sign (max)

buffs :

1. zephyr (max)

2. nature shield (optional)

- Ruffian (20-39)

active skill :

1. dusk slashing (max)

2. wind Breaking AOE (max)

buffs skill :

1. zephyr (max)

2. detect hole (max)

3. nature shield (optional)

passive skill :

1. dagger training (max)

2. Light evasion (max)

3. Blinside (max)

4. diabolic instinc (max)

5. Shadow instinc (max)

6. Light armor expertise (optional)

-Scout (40-74)

active skill :

1.  Rapid slashing (max) from dusk slashing

2.  Wind Breaking (max) 

3.  Rage step (optional) paralyze skill

buffs :

1. zephyr (max)

2. detect hole (max)

3. whispering wind (max)

4. side step (max)

5. Nature shield (optional)

6. Nature Mind (optional)

passive skill :

1. Dagger training (max)

2. Light evasion (max)

3. Blinside (max)

4. Diabolict Instinc (max)

5. Shadow instinc (max)

6. death sign (max)

7. Light armor expertise (optional)

-Treasure Hunter (75-104)

Active skill : 

1. rapid slashing (max it if you have much SP)

2. wind beraking (max)

3. Hunter Blast (max)

4. Hunter smoke (max) antimiss skill

5. Dagger Blow (max it) range skill

7. Shield Boomerang ( lvl 1 or max it) stun skill

8. Rage step (Optional) paralyze skill

buffs :

1. zephyr (max)

2. detect hole (max) *CMIIW i forgot TH have it or not

3. exortion (Optional)

4. stealth (Optional)

passive :

1. Dagger training (max)

2. Light evasion (max)

3. Blindside (max) *Cmiiw

4. Death sign (max)

5. Light armor expertise (Optional)

6. Eagle eye (Optional)

 - Temper Master (105 - until you die xD)

congrats you are TM now (Best Job ever "for me") :D

you need Reset skill

Active skill : 

1. Dagger Blow (max) main solo skill *15m range

2. Hunter Blast (max) 

3. Hunter Smoke (max) antimiss skill

4. Rapid slashing (optional) if you have much SP max it, have huge damage and DOT

5. Wind Breaking (lvl 10)

6. Casting Foil (Maxxxxx) most IMBA Skill :D

7. illusion attack ( lvl 10) max it if have much SP

8. Rage step (optional) this skill usually, very usefull for Solo Bossing at NH or Grave

9. Shield Boomerang (max for 1H + shield user)

Buffs  :

1. Zephyr (max)

2. Detect Hole (max)

3. Fatal Touch (max)

4. Side step (max)

5. Whispering wind (max)

6. Whispering Stream (max)

7. Whispering Fire (max)

8. Whispering evasion (max)

9. Quick Move (max)

10. Stealth (max)

Passive skill :

1. dagger training (max) 

2. blindside (max)

3. Death Sign (max)

4. Diabolic Instinc (max)

5. Shadow instinc (max)

6. LIght evasion (max)

7. Eagle eye (Optional)

8. Dual Wield expertise (max at lvl 117)


Hmmm for dual User i suggest dont use dual until lvl 117, use dagger + shield for easy lvling, u need crit rate and evasion

for equipment, you can be eva type or damage type, if you have much gold, you can buy 2 set equipment

Evasion for lvling

STR set for PVP and GW

eva mode still good for PVP but cant hit tanker as well damage type

hmm thats my TM guide, i hope it Help you guys, My TM still not OP ahaha coz im still newbie, but i can make this guide because im focus on TM ahahah




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