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Priest>Inq vs Monk>Bishop



Which skill is stronger base damage, and what cooldowns do they have?; Holy Justice lv 20 vs Turn Undead lv 5?

Does great heal get faster casting at lv 16? 

What gives more def; Armor Chain lv 4 and Shield lv 6, or Armor Chain lv 6 and Shield lv 3?

Cripple (Inq) lv 5 vs Divine Hold lv 20; Range vs snare chance vs cooldown


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I got my answer, but for reference,

"Turn Undead Lv5 deals 533 base MATK 6.2s cooldown
Holy Justice Lv20 deals 687 base MATK 6.4s cooldown
yes great heal is faster after level 15
Armor Link gives more phys defense than Shield on all levels
Cripple Lv5 has 80% chance to land with 16s duration while Divine Hold Lv20 has a 90% chance and a 8.3s duration"

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