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  1. Can't log in

    19ion88 = my iD I didnt play the game there for i couldn't be banned lol ? That's how i got the shield from a different player, maybe look into that ? And i never tried to sell it cause i am using it.... And also i payed like 5b for it, i didnt pay attention, its not like I was super OP with it because i was using it on a Entrapper. Thank you for banning me for nothing, next time you can just fix the shield and leave my account alone. Epic game support~ Cheers~ P.S: probably the guy who reported me is the guy who sold the shield to me, cause he was the only one who knew ;) But you guys don't care to even look into the issue! Just block the account, easier, for incompetent support staff. I don't need my account unblocked because i am not going to play anymore. Good luck~
  2. Can't log in

    Ok so I tried to log on my main account and it says i cannot log in except 40 hours and 40 minutes passed. I am coming back after a break, and my account was just ok before I left. I didn't used any hacks or anything, I am a donor. Anyone knows what's that all about ? I can log in just fine on my other accounts(buffer/etc). Hope that's fixable as soon as possible.
  3. Stat & Class Balancing

    So dex now is a useless stat just like wisdom. Only stats we can use now are str/int/vit. Nice game lmao :)) next balance lets take out another stat, so all characters in game will be either pure str or pure int. I am just happy I canceled my private donation until next week, cause now I will cancel it forever. Oh and don't fool yourself that they make this to balance the game. No! They make this changes so that people who don't donate have a harder time to play the game, and are forced to donate to be able to farm/deal the same damage as before/tank/etc like they used to do before this patch. I have nothing against donating, i did it also, cause i enjoy supporting the games i play, but when developers make it that the game is so hardcore pay 2 win, the game becomes a piece of trash. Which everyone will quit eventually. Weak marketing ideas to squeeze just a little bit more money from their "product" which is already dying. Peace and have a Happy New Year everyone <3
  4. Remote Warehouse Access

    I got one also the other day for like 3b. It does say 15 days but it has no timer like the rest of the timed equips/items. I guess I will see in 15 days if it's permanent or not :)