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Found 4 results

  1. May i know why i got kicked out and banned from the discord channel? can i rejoin the discord channel for the second time? this is my discord account Ronal#1148
  2. Banned ID

    hello, I want to ask question about banned ID. If someone to report me, can my Id be banned when I'm playing it? or it usually get banned when I don't play it, and when I want to play it, it cant be opened? ​because someone false report me, he accused me of something I didn't do (but he has pretty convincing screenshot, but didn't happen that way he's describing, but I'm afraid GM will take it seriously) thank you.
  3. Celestia Luna Account Retrieval

    March 03, 2015 A Pleasant Afternoon, Celestia Luna Staffs and Gm’s First of all Thank You For The Time For Reading This. And I would like to go on the subject on this matter. My account : azukaliden09 was banned for atleast 3 years if I could count it.. I don’t understand why I banned for the last 3 years so I quit playing luna online. And you don’t give me the chance to clean up my name.. So if you would please, can I retrieve my banned account ? If I did something wrong back then. Please contact me and I will, without a doubt will clean my name. Please reply to this matter. I am hoping for my account to be unbanned from this game Hours, Days, Months, Year, playing luna is so much fun for me.. So please.. give me a 2nd chance to play.. Sincerely Yours. Azukaliden09 -DarkCry
  4. Banned

    maaf nih bang, mau nanya solusi, char saya kena banned 360HH, tadi siang jam 9 pagi tadi, saya lagi levelin harbour terus DC, (Disconnect), pas relog ada notif char anda tidak bisa di buka sampai 360HH, 0M, apa kesalahan saya kaka? bantu tolong :(