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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys i want to select SM (human) but i don't know its job path,stats and skills. Inform me please
  2. Just a while ago, when i was hanging out in alker harbor minding my own business, suddenly a swordmaster wearing a Gardener's set and a KOD passes by. Both KOD and Gardener's set are used for eva or rogues or mages, i thought to myself but i never saw a fighter wear one until now. My question is, do people really use light armor on swordmasters? If they do is it good? If it is can you tell me the path to becoming one (just the class job path and stats)? Thanks in advance.
  3. I am currently "this" close to having an elf swordmaster and was wondering what are the best equips and philos that can give my char a good constant crit rate? Also i was wondering if i should just put points in dex starting from 105 until my crit rate gets maxed out then switch to STR or go full STR from 105 onwards (levelled up vit until 105). If an experienced player or anyone for that matter, can help me out, it will be much appreciated and thanks in advance. Without buffs or rein or philos but using G.axe which adds some crit rate by itself, my crit rate amounts to about 300 and without G.axe's effects i'd assume it is somewhere in mid to lower mid 200s and as you can see, it is pretty miserable.
  4. So I just realy realy curious here :wacko: What job that human can take as dual wield? Because I've met somebody in game year ago while he was dual wielding And I asked about his job, and he was said "DESTROYER" is that true that destro can go dual wield? if is not, what else human can use dual wield? Only magnus and swordmaster?