Formal Apology From Sparx

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So i have been informed my account was stolen and abused  by a certain Someone named Cross i want to issue a formal apology for any abuse, rudeness, scamming, pk lvling, edit abuse, wars,  insults,  and anything else he might have done to wrong someone using my characters;  Sparx and Arkadia.   Anyone who wishes to have a personal apology just leave me a note on Sparx     This was a very devastating thing for me as i have been retired for 2+ years and have come back to find all of this out i wish the best for everyone in the CL community and i will be online   often to chat to anyone who wants to talk you can find me in Alker 1 most days  by the warehouse.      Also i have returned to the game full time i will not be warring or fighting anyone so please do not  try to  enter combat with me.   Also i am  NOT A GM i am retired but i can still answer any questions you have about old times, old content and general gameplay. Breakdown union is dead and will not be revived   but i do have my own guild Dreamer  if you'd like to join just find me or leave me a note.    Cheers! Find me in alker ch 1

Heroes either Die a Legend or Live long enough to see themselves become the Villian.....

Forever   I will be Sparx........

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Welcome back Sparx! Hope everything goes well and you enjoy getting reacquainted :wink: 

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