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  1. get a sword by crafting it its also good and its IMO better than muramausa cause muramusa give a -vit and -hp thats bad so better craft swords from lvl 80+ till 105 thats wat i did :D craft also have some effects like +str and vit or dex and other things good luck
  2. bio she meant like solo DD and yea i agree xD +100 not 1 :P xD they should accept it cus it makes DD not lazy :P
  3. Salah(Dark)

    Medal System ^^

    no i think bbad idea :) i dont support it
  4. I want to tell you my suggestion and i hope you like it. The items Viewer: This suggestion is about a new thing in game can let other players see others item i know it seems like spying but no its not, well some players may have duped items and other items which are illegal and it may help us know who we are facing while duels. All the games i had been through have this thing and i think Celestia Luna would be Great if this suggestion of mine was in. Hope you liked it.
  5. agree i was going to level but server down :@
  6. and i prefer you go to pure str state because you need some p.atk to 1 hit others 20+strike items philo will get you a high strike :)
  7. Look you should do it that way first from lvl 1-125 go full eva then 126+ change strike cus when u battle with another eva BT or TM u can 1 hit them but u should max all skills involves attack speed and get a panda gloves and get death mask for berserker skill like this you pawn all :) use at lvl 115 str craft boots and str craft aarmor so u can have some and use V.set and 2 hathors 20+strike(p) and 2 hege 20+strike(p) and use the strike cloack from vote mall 80 vote points and make it strike or crit(p) and mirror p.atk 2aks +12/+13/+14 with 20+strike 1 rein p.atk and if u have low crit make another crit rein and better from lvl 1-25 1 handed then change 2 handed at 126 better because of Dual penalty
  8. IGN:IIShaiTaNII Artwork: http://s1172.photobucket.com/albums/r570/saloooh99/?action=view&current=sala333.jpg
  9. Character Name: 1.BladeTakerXtwo 2.Serenisha Level: 1.105(i dont knw if i will level up xD but not gonna go more than 110) :) 2.110 Class: 1.BT 2. TM
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