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  1. i have this issue as well
  2. got idea for 2handed sword too, maybe can be placed behind you? something like that but staffs, mace and any other weapon cant think how to sheath them :D
  3. eh? well, i think its an animation rather than what you think :D
  4. sheath and unsheath weapon, in short, the "sword" and its "scabbard" :)
  5. uhmm, thinking about the sheath and unsheath weapon for sword/blade users? as well as battle mode and relax mode. PS. i want to test how to make spoIlers Edit wanted to add this,
  6. darksin26

    Question! :d

    yea tried alot of shared experienced by others, and it seems that there is one working very well, after killed, killing mobs all around it 2-4times spawn him in 5mins or 10mins so
  7. darksin26

    Pinoy Guild Xd

    wala na bang active pinoy guild? xD
  8. March 22, 2015 Sunday 1. lFeelMyHatredl
  9. March 21, 2015 Saturday 1. lFeelMyHatredl
  10. March 20,2015 Friday 1.lFeelMyHatredl
  11. darksin26

    Question! :d

    yea Patience is everything to me :D i got alot of time, ill just afk my char, watch some movies grind a bit, eat, watch Tv, text to my girlfriend and he spawns again kill again, but when im killing him i always expect the worst :) dont expect for l.cape itll just dissappoint you :) oh and btw you mean, Austere doesnt have an exact time respawn after death?
  12. darksin26

    Question! :d

    last question may i ? :D sorry if im really that curious :D Austere, Huge Mummy, Fighter in the wind has the same respawn time once killed? if so what is their time interval?
  13. darksin26

    Question! :d

    oh Geez. Thanks! thinks thats not doable alone :D
  14. darksin26

    Question! :d

    Another question if i may? when does kiera respawn? if killed how much time interval before it respawns again? is she like tarinuts? Far level above her would result me in receiving nothing?
  15. March 19,2015 Thursday 1. Lau 2. lFeelMyHatredl
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