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  1. Nerf for what?, you will not just affect bt in pvp but also who farm's using bt.
  2. Lesser version: TM = Foil BT = Hit and Run (MS) / attack speed
  3. woot full path. might try it someday.
  4. 2 guides for different farming spot choose wisely.
  5. +12ak 14eva gardener set 14 eva each 2x hathor 12-14 eva each 2x earing of patience 19.5pa Cape that gives +5eva (no lvl restriction) crit 90+ kynee = 20str[p] 35dex[r] aias shield / aenaea (+15str +10dex) crit slime +5str glasses FDS 19.6 PA Chivalry or Hercules 19.6 PA nostrum PA/MS (consumables)
  6. Such dedication, nice guide.
  7. It's just normal, the host server is set to limit on some countries i think (cmiiw) i test/patch mine on that speed too.
  8. type dxdiag in run, post it here for clarification.
  9. Yeah sure, to know the damage? that's completely bias. example rouge using 105 vistage set with 200-str/dex edits then using 200 dex on helios on helmet or phantasmal. the best way if there is open view of equipments sadly LUNA has no feature of this or i am wrong? please correct me.
  10. Remembering Khuzo making events such fun times. Implement siege then?
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