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  1. wow anthony you playing again?, base stats is always top notch you should know that.
  2. There is none, orange said in discord "It is player driven" unless you enforce a strict market price (my suggestion) then the value will go down, but you can't control greed among old players its a fact. before this update there should be a poll whether it will approved by the community or not (mostly people nowadays are not active in forum sadly).
  3. Ban

    Way of the Bow?

    v>ar>assasin>ar v>ar(+70crit) (ass pa/cd%)
  4. glad someone post this path. nice guide :P
  5. try using incognito browser. or wait another day.
  6. Nerf for what?, you will not just affect bt in pvp but also who farm's using bt.
  7. Lesser version: TM = Foil BT = Hit and Run (MS) / attack speed
  8. woot full path. might try it someday.
  9. 2 guides for different farming spot choose wisely.
  10. +12ak 14eva gardener set 14 eva each 2x hathor 12-14 eva each 2x earing of patience 19.5pa Cape that gives +5eva (no lvl restriction) crit 90+ kynee = 20str[p] 35dex[r] aias shield / aenaea (+15str +10dex) crit slime +5str glasses FDS 19.6 PA Chivalry or Hercules 19.6 PA nostrum PA/MS (consumables)
  11. Such dedication, nice guide.
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