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  1. Ban

    Bulgarians ?

  2. type dxdiag in run, post it here for clarification.
  3. Yeah sure, to know the damage? that's completely bias. example rouge using 105 vistage set with 200-str/dex edits then using 200 dex on helios on helmet or phantasmal. the best way if there is open view of equipments sadly LUNA has no feature of this or i am wrong? please correct me.
  4. Remembering Khuzo making events such fun times. Implement siege then?
  5. Welcome back just don't expect the golden days now. lol
  6. Way ish-back, golden era 2011-2013 eva reaching 500 is GOD status lol. facing edits is a different story. to answer the question on the record book Khuzo has the highest eva.
  7. Good stuff but, i beg to disagree with Reid and Reiana days haha if you know what i mean.
  8. ^yes you can get all the skills but not max them. it's just prioritizing a specific skill set for combos that been used for years.
  9. It's just a palette change, just like flips. possible probably on PD soon :P
  10. Edits can still play -they will anonymously, there are people who edit their items on 105 artifact set (eg: hidden blade), but still lowering the requirements for CS to 105ish to 110 so that everyone can play competitively, they can add craft items to only in CS drops a alternative item for PD 135 weapons. so everyone can have different option grind to CS or Just PD right away, just my suggestion sorry for out of topic.
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