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  1. oh and have costumes show on login
  2. 1920X1080 and maybe HD yeah HD would be cool
  3. redMUSHi

    DD reset info

    so i just cant dd my fiance ? >_<
  4. redMUSHi

    DD reset info

    I set my area wrong . . . how do I fix this?
  5. I would love to see a 1920x1080 Resolution. Please let me know this will be implemented.
  6. redMUSHi

    Guild crest

    I just reached level two but noone else has the guild crest but me and our name isnt displayed . . . why is this?
  7. redMUSHi


    Im trying to dd my fiance but it wont let me. . . but whyyyyy
  8. how do I change the text color?
  9. redMUSHi


    how do I get points?
  10. oic ok well ill chill out cause I got alot of ideas.
  11. redMUSHi


    The game wont let me bring my friend into DD. Somewhere I read you need DD points to play. How do I get them?
  12. Just one more thing to suggest and I'll shut up +_+ Why don't we add an bar at the top right corner of the screen displaying the current time in the players time zone? I think that would be really neat. :)
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