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  1. try to get 20 STR++ mix with 10 agi++ more AGI = more crit rate , combined with high STR, you'll be imba :wub:
  2. you can check it by yourself :rolleyes:
  3. very nice info. it helped me a lot :D thanks for everything :D
  4. umm is enchanced HP really needed ? does it has to be Infrantrymen if i want to be RK - SM ? what if i wanted to have more p.atk what class should i choose ?
  5. umm, is that guide really works now ? i heard that passives(i dont even know what it really is) doesnt work here, so why should i choose infrantryman(according to that guide) instead ?
  6. anyway, i think RK - SM is still the best, it has quite high P.def , RI and Sleep (Non miss skill), it only need STR from items and stats. all i need now is the path to SM elf :D
  7. i meant I didnt have RI o.O i have about 300 strike since my equips are STR mix Strike is it enough to pawn rogues ?
  8. i think i have an SM from mercenary>knight>SM should i have Strike Items ? or STR items ? since i have non-Miss Skills like RI, i have to be sure to have high Strike when it comes to face Rogues
  9. gladiator > swordmaster ? what should i take the previos job ? before going to gladiator ? why gladi not knight sir ? sorry too many questions :D
  10. which one is the best for Dual-wielding ? Rune Knight - Swordmaster ? Knight - Magnus ? or Knight - Swordmaster (human) ? please tell me the best path and why
  11. Shield Barrier your physical ATTACK POWER and DEFENSE is increased for 100% blablabla but it only raises defense , broke my hopes <_<
  12. ahh finally, thanks for considering my suggestions :D
  13. - Fix option functions to hide costumes - Visibility of 115 weapons - New Costumes - New weapons and armours - Make a better Celestia Luna just suggestions :)
  14. its a very good idea to care about the beginners troubled in Levelling up , but i think there's no need to remove DD limit, Just Simply Raise up Exp Rate from monsters below 80/90, i think if we only do DD for levelling, what would this game be ? DD > Collect Gold > pvp > the end ? i wouldnt call that a game, a game is supposed to be fun, there's no fun if we only hunt in DD.
  15. you see, i play games for fun, and i think it's not a mistake to make my character looked great, some costumes dont match my style, sometimes, it looked better to hide some parts of the costumes :wub:
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