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  1. So strange to find this account... cringe. 

  2. Welcome back Ryu, I hope you'll stay with us for a long time. c:
  3. Knowing that your future husband doesn't know you exist. Sad life of a kpop fan. </3
  4. Not knowing where to AFK-sleep on CL anymore. ;_;
  5. Did something stupid and you know you'll regret it later. =-=
  6. When someone who is higher lvl than you needs healer.
  7. Mission someone but you don't know if you're mad at them or something because you can't normaly talk to them. >.>
  8. Trying to sleep but because of the wind&rain, I can't. </3 >:'l
  9. Bought GWS and Bpukes, enchant success on the first try. What a waste of gold. </3 <.<
  10. Stellar - Marionette

  11. Headache. And don't know if it's because you're sleeping too much or not enough... ;-;
  12. Tonight, tonight, come back to me tonight, come back to me please <3

  13. Wanted to help a newbie in my guild but failed. So he asked someone else. OTL
  14. 1. Find a stuffed toy Stitch 'cause he's so cute. <3 2. Marry Jackson from GOT7. 3. Marry Jackson again.
  15. Rain&thunder. >:l Go away pls. >:c
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