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  1. no, it's different. I tried that version and only last for 2 days.
  2. I think this guide to Connect IRC already step by step and easily to understand. But if you have trouble, you might want to browse through the thread to read people's comments.
  3. Thank you and I'm planning to. Need to adjust my information regarding the game 😂
  4. Hey there. I'm just one of another returning player. I joined this game around 2011 and stop playing due something i can't remember. But i guess here i am, playing again. As you can guess, most of my friends and family already left and not playing. I was member of HOPE guild, i wonder if there's still player from HOPE guild here. Let me introduce my self once more after so many years. my ign :xAscension (Want to use Ascension, but the game won't let me ) Level : 11x Job : Swordmaster Guild : None
  5. Found it. I forgot i can disband from NPC. Thanks anyway
  6. Hello, i'm a returning player. I used to have Family and Guild, but as you can guess, it's all empty now. I'm planning to disband the family and join others, but is it possible?
  7. I forgot my id ._.

  8. klo yg namanya slh y slh, apapun alsnnya. klo pngen bales, laporin ja
  9. If you using IE, i recommended to use Firefox or Chrome
  10. You can just ignore it right? Its patcher bugs, it wont affecting your client. Its happened to me many times
  11. When you use Reskill, all your SP will back and your skill will be reset
  12. Busy writing a story at http://wattpad.com/PrinceWolfy Will be off from game for a while, but keep coming to forum to check for update

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