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  1. Can't play Celestia right now too many Projects =.=''
  2. floW

    Ruins "marcus"

    i clicked the [quest] sudden attack of kobold, then. accept the quest... but the [quest] sudden attack of kobold is not removed... and theres nothin' in the quest tab... [edited] Im tryin' it every lvl... but still not working...
  3. floW

    Ruins "marcus"

    In the Ruins of Draconian.. why i cant accept his "Sudden attack of kobold"? I Want this quest because i remembered in the Gpotato's Luna There's Paper Bag Mask in Some of His quest.... And I Doubt This i the quest....
  4. floW

    Anime Costumes ^^

    tnx ^^... ahhmmm.. when will be the next update?
  5. Can it be? it'll be cooler/cuter if we have it :blush_con:... like: kirito's set in SAO (cool for dual weapon sword) kirito's set in ALO (two handed sword) >.< inori ?? ... It'll be cute
  6. Sirs Orange can i also have the list of items that i can get in private donate?
  7. Can we just do "Buying Gold via Premium Points or Donations" so that No one Else will buy Gold From other Players, and Celestia Luna Online Will Benefit? Ex. 20 PHP to 2 Billion Gold or 10 PP to 2 Billion Gold.... ..Ehehehe :happy_con: Just Suggesting ^_^
  8. floW

    Pokemon X and Y

    Just Got X :lol:
  9. Pano po mag lagay ng SS sa Forum pag magrereport? taska ano po ung Savepoint abuse? pano un? :)
  10. Hi HI... im new here... plss help (Phew)
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