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  1. Revisiting CL and still see that there's no new update.. Boom awesome day! Love the new prices of items
  2. welcome back and goodbye for me :D enjoy the most thrilling and exciting game ever celestia luna !
  3. rham

    Goodbye :d

    Thanks CL! Ciao quttin' time xD
  4. Cant dodge skills and magic, for sure dodge .. 270 290-300 for boss count wookies tried this.
  5. orange said they are still not sure if they are going to let the blizzard skill still available on the next update. -_-
  6. rham

    Now Playing???

    i'll send a box of balut to your house homie haha..
  7. found this on our backyard and yeah, thats great :v. still don't know if this is poisonous.
  8. rham

    Now Playing???

  9. Welcome to the most thrilling game you could ever play, welcome to CL and forum
  10. rham

    Now Playing???

    all time fav
  11. rham


    Anyone here who loves nightcore covers? Can you suggest good 5 nightcores
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