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  1. I agree to the OP,and even tho it is already flashing on the site there's no guarantee that every single player would visit and read the forums. (I am one of them I wouldn't really care about the forum till I get that "channels" problem) It is already given that some players are just lazy and like ignoring things that includes reading and hmm... more reading. imo, putting it in game and making the players type "I have read the rules" or something would be nicer, but I don't think it would be easy to do that so for now lets stick to the site :P
  2. Eating cereals my friend. CEREALS!
  3. Kailee

    Now Playing???

    ^@above poser Whoa tegan and sara? I like you already... just saying
  4. Kailee


    Na d-DC rin ako pero tolerable naman sakin asar lang kapag nangyayari sa DD
  5. Thursday, October 23, 2014 1. Fuerte 2. Lau 3. Fiye
  6. Is there other way to send suggestions? Well I can't post in the suggestion forum (probably because of my posts count) but I really wanted to make a suggestion about making the server more newbie friendly... Thank you in advance
  7. When you want to trade with someone but you can't understand him/her because he/she is speaking a language other than english.
  8. Monday, October 20 2014 1. Fiye Asan na ba mga pinoy dito?
  9. Update: I tried making a new character on the same ID and it entered the game smoothly. However when it comes to my main character the said problem pops up. :(
  10. So for some unknown reason whenever I log-in and click "Connect to Game" the Channel list wont show up. And once clicked it wont be highlighted anymore. I have already tried re-installing CL, putting CL on exemptions, turning off my AV, deleting celestiapatch and running the Patcher again but nothing happened. I tried creating a new account and I entered the game just fine so I thought maybe I am banned but I didn't get the "You cannot enter to the server. Try again later" message either. ID: tsubasa2324 IGN: Fiye
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