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  1. why cleric not wizard? cleric has faSt heal and it has holy barrier at the earlier level so u can heal faster and no problem to use more low level potion wizard has heal only so slow heal and not that high hp to give so in conclusion the good path for the starter is CLERIC job so if you plan to make mage .... take level 20 CLERIC ... its worth it
  2. paanu ma recover forgoten password
  3. so it means u cant achieve at the max damage if ure magic attack is poor and even ure edit ure stil have 2.1k Holy taker dmager.... so if i have 10k of magic attack i can only get abot 1k 300 500 2k something like that but now mi magic attack is so poor so if i cast HT maybe my dmage ws 10 30 50 100 400
  4. in pvp all player is in PK mode so no one can buff from other suport mage or fighter or so on and so fort... because all of u can kill each other at pvp map.... not like in zakandia.. only the guild at war can hit each other but the enemy so many outside buffer....
  5. my appologies agian sir ^_^ but visualize this if DOT vit mage is no more and it base on magic attack ... the edit mage is so overwelming happy now because imagine if he uses Holy taker and it base on magic attack like turn undead magic effect .... the dmage is outrageous like in 1 tick oh holy taker can damage about 30k x5 tick =150k of damage imagine that
  6. its ok if u log in in pvp then be 1 shot because u know the fact that they can kill u but u can kill them too..... and take revenge not like when youre respawn and unbuff then rip dmage wheres the fun with that.... in previous patch if we respawn we can still kill some of the enemy even unbuff .. but now ... so lame sb around 3k onli ... they will laugh at you
  7. my apologies to GM but instead of skill fixing stuff ... what about fixing lag issue we all have fun in CL community even we know that where EDIT player .. its ok for us like normal player.... because we are proud to our self if we can kill them in war its ok to be kill in war but at least we have fun and no one is bored.... pls orange dont make things worst or all player might quit....
  8. so you mean all DOT player is not balance that can kill even lvl 150 player... and if u turn it to int type it make balance thats ure vision there? all mage need to be have 20k magic attack to kill wew
  9. soul arbiter and grandmaster is the most imba mage now in cl fast casting faster runner and imba damage so if cardinal is making as support mage so whats the point to be an war type cardinal ..... some player uses grandmaster and soul arbiter like glorycious (grand master) and jonah (soul arbiter) glorycious is not edit mage but hes magic and skill is awsome... and jonah is edit mage .... he can dominate all player because of his magic attack... so if cardinal DOT is change ..... the game is never been before.... no fun at all... its just a comment/request ma'am orange pls.... for the sake of other cardinal player like me
  10. but please dont make magical attack base of DOT its my skill ... im a normal player (not edit) some player can dominate me because of their stun and killing skills so what im saying is DOT mage can be war type too ... support/war type ... its been so lame if im turn into a support mage only becasue of my magic damage
  11. magical damage like holy taker please dont make it change as what ours magic attack stats.... im vit type cardinal and if u change it depend in magical attack poor VIT cardinal ..... cant survive in war/pvp/duel ... holy taker is the only skill that can kill tanker/fighter/rouge of DOT cardinal .... pls dont make it random damage because if it change ...RIP cardinal :(
  12. same stats because they are both rouge (DEX) but if u feel free to split sharing ure stats its up to you
  13. for foil and stealth ... this both job is good at it but ... entraper is for farming only but u cant use it in war/pvp/duel tm is for war/pvp/duel.... since entraper is for farming/grinding tm and entraper has the same level of foil and stealth
  14. bgo sa laro? wala nang blunt shield sa dual sword at wala n shield boomerang sa dual dagger... un update now RIP dual weilder no more stun
  15. path for entraper rouge-ruffian-archer-assasin-entraper
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