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  1. Is that going to be changed, by any chance?
  2. I'm pretty sure STR gives Critial Damage, and DEX gives Critical Chance. I might be wrong though.
  3. The images don't work anymore, has anyone got any information about this build? I was looking into making one for myself
  4. I have not seen any BT guides out, is the BT class a lot weaker than the other two? What are the main differences?
  5. What is the best character for boosting other characters? I find myself to create new characters often. Though I usually am able to get them to about level 80 until I start slowing down incredibly. Apart from creating another character along side that so I can dd at any point, what is the best class and race for boosting other characters so I can get them from 75-105? Entrapper and just deleveling it? A tank to aggro mobs for the new character to kill? A inquisitor to quickly kill the mobs? Any help with what classes, race, skills, stats would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance!
  6. Sorry, I'm new to this game. I'm level 92 now as human Assassin (following the Entrapper farmer path) and have only like 180 eva. I went full DEX and I tried to enchant and philo all my items with eva and dex. How can I get more?? I have the adventurer's armor? I think it's called? The one for level 90. I'll have the level 95 light armor when I level up.
  7. nightooo

    Survey Help?

    I've completed multiple surveys 2 days ago for 70 gems, why didn't I yet receive my gems? Does it not actually work or what? I'm 100% sure that I've completed everything correctly that I was told to complete.
  8. Hey, so I've been reading a bit on what character I should create and decided to create a elf thief so that I can make an entrapper to farm gold for the future. I've somehow managed to level to 83 and have done some dating dungeons with people around my level when available but currently I can't seem to find anyone to dd with and the mobs take longer to level up. I've been wondering if it's possible for someone to boost me up to 105 so that I can start earning money for myself. I do have about 200mil saved up but I don't think I can do anything with that.. If anyone is willing to help me, please pm me. ps. Any tips about the game would be very welcome as I am still learning
  9. If I have a family, is there a way to allow other family members to invite other people? Because as of now it seems, at least for me, that I'm the only one able to invite others. Also, is there a way to give the ownership to a different member of the family? Let's say I want to quit it but want the family to still exist. Is that possible?
  10. I keep reading about voting here, how do I do that and what do I get for voting? o:
  11. nightooo

    Solo DD?

    Is it possible to play a dating dungeon solo? Or does that mean create and play 2 characters on one computer? And if it's possible to somehow play them alone, how?
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