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  1. Some may still follow this guide so as the creator i want to say that this guide was created way back before. Some bugs may have been fixed but since i don't play the game anymore, i can't really update the guide. So ya follow with caution. Cheers
  2. Been years, glad that CL is still exist. Quite surprised !! XD

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    2. Orange


      Hi Rurippe, glad to see you visiting! C:

    3. Rurippe (루리뻬)

      Rurippe (루리뻬)

      Hi Orange, thank you.
      I hardly see familiar persons, only Reid and Laurel.

      I also forgot my account so i can't visit in game. :D


      But anyway, I'm glad that the current GMs are keeping the rules strict like before. :49:

    4. Sky_Light12


      as for brandon, i believe he is more active at discord than forum

      if you forgot your account, you can use account recovery : 

      i think admins pending the account recovery till the next patch is released


  4. Ruri its amin >.> i cant go on IRC . i've tried many times e.e

  5. Wah Wah the big boss comment here. :wub: Sure i'll come there. XDD Ahhh i see. Btw I'm sorry i didn't say anything to you when i quitted long time ago. I said to Reid tho. Yes I do. XDD I miss old time here. It was fun. >.<
  6. Ohhh.... I think i remember you. But on my time, SnapDragon or tele was the active one.
  7. Orange !! Who are you btw? :o Idk where to put. Introduction, no, i'm just visiting for now. :lol:
  8. Hahaha... Well if i'm still allowed to use my GM ID, i might visit sometime ingame. Anyway, how is CL now?
  9. I have limited time to play now. Real life matters, work and others. But well i hope i can. ^_^
  10. Hello ppl. It has been several months since i quit Celestia for several reasons. So how are u guys? Doing good? :lol: It's good to see Celestia are still crowded. Really miss the old times. :( Well anyway i'm just passing by. For new members, enjoy your time here in this awesome server. :) For old members, hello ppl. :lol:
  11. GM sorry excuse interfere, I would like to ask why my id benned? I do not know my fault, it's the only id I play my intention celestialuna from 0 until now .. dong GM please help me open my id again I want to play again, I promise that if I breach the rules could benned permanent GM me again or benned id ip. please open id: RatnaCaem Nick: RatnaCaem. Previous briliant many

  12. Welcome here Cuchu. Hope u can enjoy here. ^^
  13. Woa... A Cosplayer. May i see your cosplay? >.< Btw welcome here Durara. Hope you can enjoy here.
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