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  1. the earlier passive bonus (the first post before this) is pretty something.... but this change kinda fair i think haha but who's gonna take pure path example : pure SM path on elf = patk+15% but without rune impact (soul crushing) pure SM path on human = patk+15% but no rage burst (soul crushing) but anyway a bit passive bonus is still something than nothing at all... so good update and im looking forward to this update
  2. its more upseting when you're in Date Dungeon. when your pet suddenly sealed and a minute after that you got crash and there is no choice except close the program, and you throw away 1 times DD. and when u doing DD with other ppl, your DD partner will shout u as Scammer LOL!!
  3. up wondering why all post on market place dissapear
  4. BUY Belt Of Wisdom m.a19+ note me in game RbufferM thx
  5. look nice can't wait cause we all always want something new
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