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  1. My suggestion is to remodel some of the existing costumes to new winter costume not only it can save slots but also best for player who looking something new every event and i can also provide an idea of new costume if needed. In addition maybe this is the time for that shield i drawn before and send to you as a suggestion and you said you'll make one of it but seems you forgotten I'm still waiting for it till now...
  2. IGN: DaWan Participate in Day 2 July 4th
  3. Head accessories (deciphered ancient secret) Back accessories (book of the necromancer)
  4. IGN:g0dserena Title:Winter Holiday
  5. IGN:G0Dserena My Journey in Blue Land
  6. You took my Sunlight,So i learned to glow in the dark. IGN:g0dserena
  7. The number of people in celestialuna is getting small therefore i came up with this idea to ebcourage the old player to join back to the GAME... Special thank you to my friends who help me for this...
  8. Nerus


    here are my suggestion maskes..............
  9. Nerus


    Requested for more whole head mask costume.....mask like paperbag but different in form......i love mask
  10. Nerus

    glowing candle

    hello guys why my glowing candle not working anymore as i wear hat costume...................?
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