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    Style Guide

    THIS IS HOW I STYLE MY CHARACTERS *CUTIE PINK* This is the one that I love since i like pink so much <3 ~ Sexy Bunny Ears (Red) ~ Cute Bikini Swim (P) ~ Plushy Bunny Mittens ~ Plushy Bunny Slippers ~ Tropical Popsicle Dagger ~ Tropical Popsicle ~ Bird of Passion *KITTY BUNNY* This style is when I wanna look like cute and cool at the same time lol xD ~ Sexy Bunny Ears (Black) ~ Gray Scarf ~ Black Cat Costumes ~ Black Cat Gloves ~ Black Cat Shoes ~ Fallen Angel Wings DRAGON HUNTER Do I look like a Hunter right now? i mixed 4 different costumes pieces here and it amazes me that I made it up sksksksk ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Clockwork Heart Hair ~ Leek in Mouth ~ Wolf Clan Overalls ~ Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Military Style Boots ~ Red Dragon Wings CUTE DEMONIC I actually like so many colors but here is a black one, i tried this look to make me look like a Cute Demonic Girl with a lil Sunflower <3 ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Sweet Summernight Hair ~ Watermelon Slice ~ Dark Wedding Dress ~ Summer Romance Hands (Bk) ~ Champion Street Fighter Feet ~ Demon Costume Wings BLACK SWAN Another black set here~ This costume is the new one, i got it from gacha (Mega Fun Gacha) I really really like this set, It looks Cute but Deadly with the lil black dress and swan with his crown too! i added some stuffs to make the set looks perfectly cute xx ~ Race Girl Hair ~ Black Swan Outfit ~ Black Swan Gloves ~ Elegant Party Shoes ~Cherry Lollipop ~ Tuxedo Cat on Head ~ Fallen Angel Wings CUTIE WHITE SWAN And this one of my favo set lately, the original set is cute but i changed the shoes with white cat shoes cuz it looks cutest tho >//<. I also wearing Blooming Sunflower and Floating Sunflower, so much better <33 ~ White Swan Hair ~ White Swan Outfit ~ White Swan Gloves ~ White Cat Shoes ~ White Face Mask ~ Angel's Wings ~ Blooming Sunflower Staff ~ Floating in the Sunflower *Another Costumes Styles* ~Grey Puppy Hat ~Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Luxurious Swimsuit ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Cozy Winter Boots ~ Blooming Rose Wand ~ Holo Beats Wings (W) ~ Dream of a Sunset ~ [PA] Angel's Halo ~ Leek in Mouth ~ Demon's Outfit ~ Demon's Nails ~[VIP] Corsair's Long Boots ~ Fallen Angel Wings ~ Devils Horn ~ Fancy Hairstyle ~ Passionate Classic Hopi Glasses ~ [PA] Dark Scroll Guardian's Gown ~ Champion Street Fighter Feet ~ Demon's Big Wings ~ Devil Horns ~ Cherry Lollipop ~ Brown Short Hair ~ Demon Hunter's Outfit ~ Sakura Kimono Hands ~ Magic Knight Boots ~ Demon's Big Wings ~ Small Gale Wings ~ Pink Scarf ~ Hanbok Head ~ Stylish Wonderland Hair ~ Pixel Shades [R] ~ Red Riding Hood Gloves ~ Lil' Adventure's Watch ~ Summer Romance Body [Sp] ~ Tropical Popsicle [Dagger&Face Acc] ~ Blueberry Popsicle [Dagger] ~ Diving Flippers [Blue] ~ Giant Orange Popsicle ~ Bird of Passion ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Pink Star Sunglasses ~ Ace of Heart Hair ~ Setting Sun, Rising Moon [Armor] ~ Cozy Winter Mittens ~ White Cat Shoes ~ Bird of Passion ~ Stylish Wonderland Hair ~ Blueberry Lollipop ~ Melted Strawberry Gelato ~ Cutie's Vacation Bikini ~ Cutie's Vacation Bracelet ~ [E] Multiverse Explorer Sneakers ~ Royal Fey Wings ~ Devil Horns ~ Cherry Lollipop ~ Race Girl Hair ~ Elegant Party Dress ~ Elegant Party Gloves ~ Elegant Party Shoes ~ Villain Wings ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Cute Bikini Swimsuit ~ Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Racing Instincs shoes ~ Pink Bear Tube ~ Blooming Bow ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Magician's Hat ~ Magician's Robe ~ Magician's Gloves ~ Magician's Shoes ~ Red Dragon Wings ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Pixel Shades [Y] ~ Wonder Women Costume ~ Wonder Woman Gloves ~ Wonder Woman Shoes ~ Phoenix Wings
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    Name: excei "dinner time!"
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