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  1. I feel like every little moment should be captured Here you can show off your characters and tell your story of your Luna online experiences and have people read them I'll go first! Hi, I'm excei but most people know and call me cei It took me forever to reach max level in this game. When I created my character I slowly got better by collecting equipment, leveling up, learning new skills and founded a base where I built up from. As I got new equipment it gave me a great sense of progression and enjoyed watching my stats go up I like to buy the new items that get added to the shop such as costumes and gachas. I don't get bored easily cause I have fun mix and matching all the costumes I own. I especially love to wear costumes that change my hair style, i feel like it gives it an extra dash of uniqueness. I also like using my orange ponytail hair that I got from a beauty salon. #funfact I never changed the hair style of my first character excei. I'm astonished with the fact of just how wearing costumes will make your character appear more stylish! Another thing during my time on Luna I've made many friends and they're so nice to me and I also enjoy running my own guild and family, it's the one with the rose logo if you haven't noticed. We sometime have non edit wars for levels 115 and 150 This game makes me feel nostalgic of the games I've played. I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am. Please kindly share your experiences in the comments below, I'd really love to see and read all of your experiences in the game Sincerely Yours, cei
  2. ign: excei dressing up my characters
  3. I've had so much fun in war!! Share yours in the comment below, so everyone can see it!
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    THIS IS HOW I STYLE MY CHARACTERS 🍓*CUTIE PINK*🍓 This is the one that I love since i like pink so much <3 ~ Sexy Bunny Ears (Red) ~ Cute Bikini Swim (P) ~ Plushy Bunny Mittens ~ Plushy Bunny Slippers ~ Tropical Popsicle Dagger ~ Tropical Popsicle ~ Bird of Passion 🌵*KITTY BUNNY*🌵 This style is when I wanna look like cute and cool at the same time lol xD ~ Sexy Bunny Ears (Black) ~ Gray Scarf ~ Black Cat Costumes ~ Black Cat Gloves ~ Black Cat Shoes ~ Fallen Angel Wings 🍑DRAGON HUNTER🍑 Do I look like a Hunter right now? i mixed 4 different costumes pieces here and it amazes me that I made it up sksksksk ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Clockwork Heart Hair ~ Leek in Mouth ~ Wolf Clan Overalls ~ Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Military Style Boots ~ Red Dragon Wings 🍑CUTE DEMONIC🍑 I actually like so many colors but here is a black one, i tried this look to make me look like a Cute Demonic Girl with a lil Sunflower <3 ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Sweet Summernight Hair ~ Watermelon Slice ~ Dark Wedding Dress ~ Summer Romance Hands (Bk) ~ Champion Street Fighter Feet ~ Demon Costume Wings 🍒BLACK SWAN🍒 Another black set here~ This costume is the new one, i got it from gacha (Mega Fun Gacha) I really really like this set, It looks Cute but Deadly with the lil black dress and swan with his crown too! i added some stuffs to make the set looks perfectly cute xx ~ Race Girl Hair ~ Black Swan Outfit ~ Black Swan Gloves ~ Elegant Party Shoes ~Cherry Lollipop ~ Tuxedo Cat on Head ~ Fallen Angel Wings 🍑CUTIE WHITE SWAN🍑 And this one of my favo set lately, the original set is cute but i changed the shoes with white cat shoes cuz it looks cutest tho >//<. I also wearing Blooming Sunflower and Floating Sunflower, so much better <33 ~ White Swan Hair ~ White Swan Outfit ~ White Swan Gloves ~ White Cat Shoes ~ White Face Mask ~ Angel's Wings ~ Blooming Sunflower Staff ~ Floating in the Sunflower *Another Costumes Styles* 1 ~Grey Puppy Hat ~Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Luxurious Swimsuit ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Cozy Winter Boots ~ Blooming Rose Wand ~ Holo Beats Wings (W) 2 ~ Black Swan Hair ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Blooming Rose Wand ~ Luxurious Swimsuit ~ Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Champion Street Fighter Feet ~ Red Chi Pao Robe ~ White Cat Shoes ~ Sealed Coffin 3 ~ Dream of a Sunset ~ [PA] Angel's Halo ~ Leek in Mouth ~ Demon's Outfit ~ Demon's Nails ~[VIP] Corsair's Long Boots ~ Fallen Angel Wings 4 ~ Devil Horns ~ Cherry Lollipop ~ Brown Short Hair ~ Demon Hunter's Outfit ~ Sakura Kimono Hands ~ Magic Knight Boots ~ Demon's Big Wings 5 ~ Small Gale Wings ~ Pink Scarf ~ Hanbok Head ~ Stylish Wonderland Hair ~ Pixel Shades [R] ~ Red Riding Hood Gloves ~ Lil' Adventure's Watch ~ Summer Romance Body [Sp] ~ Tropical Popsicle [Dagger&Face Acc] ~ Blueberry Popsicle [Dagger] ~ Diving Flippers [Blue] ~ Giant Orange Popsicle ~ Bird of Passion 6 ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Pink Star Sunglasses ~ Ace of Heart Hair ~ Setting Sun, Rising Moon [Armor] ~ Cozy Winter Mittens ~ White Cat Shoes ~ Bird of Passion 7 ~ Stylish Wonderland Hair ~ Blueberry Lollipop ~ Melted Strawberry Gelato ~ Cutie's Vacation Bikini ~ Cutie's Vacation Bracelet ~ [E] Multiverse Explorer Sneakers ~ Royal Fey Wings 8 ~ Devil Horns ~ Cherry Lollipop ~ Race Girl Hair ~ Elegant Party Dress ~ Elegant Party Gloves ~ Elegant Party Shoes ~ Villain Wings 9 ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Cute Bikini Swimsuit ~ Champion Street Fighter Gloves ~ Racing Instincs shoes ~ Pink Bear Tube ~ Blooming Bow 10 ~ Rose in Mouth ~ Magician's Hat ~ Magician's Robe ~ Magician's Gloves ~ Magician's Shoes ~ Red Dragon Wings 11 ~ Floating in the Sunflower ~ Pixel Shades [Y] ~ Wonder Women Costume ~ Wonder Woman Gloves ~ Wonder Woman Shoes ~ Phoenix Wings 12 ~ Colonel's Hat ~ Summer Romance Body [bk] ~ Street Fighter ~ Flip Ms [bk] ~ Aviator Shades [bk] ~ Villain Wings 13 ~ Brown Puppy Hat ~ White Swan Outfit ~ White Swan Gloves ~ White Cat Shoes ~ Pink Star Sunglasses ~ Dream of a Full Moon
  6. Name: excei "dinner time!"
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