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  1. virlya

    new daily reward

    50 day, log in every day, got nothing. this is more cruel, change it while i need 6 more days
  2. virlya

    new daily reward

    good bye, it so hurt. my heart can not take it
  3. virlya

    new daily reward

    yeah, i am come back at late october. at Halloween event i log in everydays
  4. I came back to this game and log in every day. There will be new daily reward tomorrow, but look at my log in. It hurt, hurt so much. my efford payed for nothing
  5. virlya

    Purchase Gems

    how to purchase gems use Google payment?
  6. can it be the damage increase base on how many monster that attack us? if only 1-5 or 1-10 monster it still 1 damage, more than 11 they do more damage or something like that? i believe luna plus use that system at def and eva, maybe can be apply at this too. it is not about comparing the system, but seem that a good.
  7. for now i only can hope for the update, but i am not give up, i am trying to make tanker that can handle the mob. combine def, block rate and eva. idk this will success or not but ill try.
  8. i agree with you, i am pretty shock too, after play again at 2020, for player that love to be tank this is the worst. seem luna plus has same system and the monster at normal field can't be kill anymore, dungeon dungeon and dungeon. maybe they want to make the system similiar with that. for the play style, you are right no more party with tank, they can't handle their job, there no party at NH, GG, Grav. yeah, something must be happen when we vacuum from this game.
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