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  1. I like PineApples

    1. Eduvizm


      And i like BanaNAS! <3

  2. Well,he do have super human strength...he become a titan itself in the story lol
  3. ._________________."

  4. I Prefer to be Alone.

  5. Dun make that face! D=

  6. LOL , Sorry that I didn't reply ur last comment

  7. I heard that Kawahara Reki has started making the light novel called Sword Art Online Progressive.It's a reboot of sword art online with much more content of the story.
  8. School ish back.Get ready and pack up urself to go to school! --"
  9. When I watched SAO,theres a lot of something that are missing... I wish they can add more ideas instead of following everything from the light novels I prefer anime that have more plots like Bakuman.
  10. LOL..Now I'm ur mastah?

  11. Welcome to CL.A lot of the players here played Luna Gpotato before. Me,myself played Luna RunUp and Luna Gpotato too and i know how you feel. Just try to play the game and cheer up....
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