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  1. What is your character and partner's level? Maybe they are level gap.
  2. Shiroyasha

    Making Money

    Aside from what you listed, you can also craft equips and philo.Once you have reached lvl 120 you can vote on the site for items or you can always donate for easier gold. Also post questions on the right section.
  3. Shiroyasha


    Different timezone maybe? ;)
  4. Okay here's a question: Why do they say that a 1h Magnus have higher patk against Paladins. I got a Paladin and it has lv20 axe and one handed training while 1h Magnus have lv15 axe training. Is it because of the buffs? BTW my Paladin follows this path Fighter>Warrior>Swordsman>RK>Paladin while my Magnus has this path Fighter>Warrior>Infantry>Knight>Magnus. Can anyone clarify this for me.
  5. Shiroyasha


    I just made a support character and I'm confused as to what healing skill should I take. Any suggestions? Also what affects the amount of hp a you can heal? Is it int or wis? Thanks.
  6. Shiroyasha

    Pirate stun

    Kill them before they stun you :P, anyways i think there's no other way. Pray that you'll not get poisoned or burned while being stunned.
  7. Maybe he is too lazy too destroy it. :D
  8. Shiroyasha

    Pokemon X and Y

    Its unlikely that a 3DS emulator will come out quickly. What's with the "unknown" type, is it a new type or they just hide it and reveal it when the release date is near?
  9. Sir, nakaconnect na ako sa server without changing the dns. Ayaw pa rin ba nung sa inyo?
  10. look in here ---> http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/20446-bug-tt/#entry221835
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