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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys, after i click CL shortcut in dekstop, it said "Patcher has stopped working". i already try to repair my netframework, and still no progress.. can you guys help me? Thanks !!
  2. GM, He's shout with indonesia language. Is it okay?
  3. Please list down all morderator name and GM name in this server. To prevent scammer from using their name to scamm other player item/id... thanks
  4. GM's, Admin's I know that all of you are BC... cause I was thinking maybe it's possible to held an event atleast twice a day just to break the ice from players farming, leveling right? A mini game :D just a suggestion though :) thank u hope everyone a great day :)
  5. Help all,my ID got hacked, i have been tried playing at 1 month ago, when i wanna to playing again,i can't open my ID,i can't login at CL website.. Help me please, i don't know to got back my ID.. Help Me Please :(
  6. hey GM's just need some help about what you do when you forget your password. i know i know its silly but i forgot my password to my account and need assistance. i've looked at the previous forums about it and have logged on to the IRC chat but no one seems to be responding to me. either they're not responding or they're not getting my messages, even though i am connected to the chatroom. but hey if you're to busy and maybe tired of getting questions about forgotten passwords i understand, it would be great if someone could send me an email though maybe? email: [email protected]. thank you for your time.
  7. Hello everyone, first of all id like to say that this was my first Luna charackter so dont get on my nerves cuz u think something wrong with my build D:. Currently im lvl 94 and i went the path mage,cleric,sorcerer,bishop.and for the last id like to pick gm. I went fully support so i dont have any awsome lvling skills ,just my buffs and heals. My questions about that build are ,if there are items which i should aim for ,for example is there a weapon recommended for that path which i should definetly use?or what awakenings i should aim for, so over all what gear should i wear later on. At the moment im wearing mostly int and vit awakened/strengthend stuff, and a wizzardly wand +12. So if someone could give me some tipps on what items i should use id appreciate it. Also i would like to ask something about an item that i got in my inventory (i left luna for a while so i dont know what the economy is at the moment) its a Take That Dude +12 heres a screenshot of it . does it worth something? And id like to apologize for my english and also if i posted this in the wrong section Greetings Toradora
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