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Found 5 results

  1. In preparation for cancer awareness month coming in October, I propose a cancer awareness month event. Event will be Event, Gem, and PD based. This event will bring back old players and invite new players that have not experienced the glamour that is Luna Online. Event includes but not limited to: #1 special items sold in gem store that are pink but normally would never be the color pink (Example items are SF PA costume, BWL, Wiz robe, capes, sunglasses) The most used costume items in a pink hue. #2 An automated event such as our most recent event in dark forest. balloons celebrating people who have survived cancer and promoting awareness will be placed in key locations throughout most used maps on Celestia. #3 Banners promoting Cancer awareness while also promoting Celestia Luna (This will be used as a marketing tool for Celestia Luna) During the event videos will be made and posted on YouTube for others to view all the fun that happens on this private server while inviting people to join. #4 Special PD items that will be available for limited time. Items such as pink VIP gloves, BWS, munchkin gloves, weapons and armors all in pink hue.(Limited supplies to prevent over pinkness in general population) The items will not be an upgrade from current items. They will promote awareness with a pink shade and have a special name. #5 GM sponsored events that interacts with players while giving consumables like 100% and pukes. One example is lvl 1 race through higher lvl maps like moon blind forest / swamp/ ghost tree swamp. The price of these items are absurd. People who are new that join would never be able to afford these items if they wanted to level and didn't have the items,gold or ability to donate. Most people do not have rich friends in game or people randomly giving out free items. #6 Daily login event prizes given out. Everyday you get a small item, if you're online for 7 days in a row for 30 minutes each day you get a consumable like speed pot, 100%, 30% or 10% scrolls. A portion of gem revenue collected by the event goes to a institution of cancer research as designated by administrators.
  2. Money Making for Dummies A quick easy, but fair, money making guide that's fool-proof! Okay, since most of us dislike beggars, "Plz just give me gold..." and "bagi gold pls" , maybe this guide will thin those players out! MAYBE! 1)Okay, probably the most used, is farming. Mostly higher levels 100-120 do this because it's so easy for a higher level to get an inventory full of Zephyrs Wand's and Angelic Stingers. For those who don't know, all you do is start off with an empty inventory except your Map Move scroll, go to Nera Harbor once you can safely mob there(solo takes longer, but it's possible..) or maybe bring a Tank along and kill anything and everything you see. You usually get a level 90, 95, and sometimes 100 weapon. Just throw everything other than the weapons away, keep the weisle and Harmel maybe, but most everything else, just trash. After your inventory is full of all the goodies, just go and sell it all to an NPC. I usually get about 175-225M Million for just a single full inventory depending on which monsters I kill and what I farm. Easy, fairly time consuming, but in the long-run worth it. 2)Next on this list is HQ crafting! Another popular money source! A lot of people just make their own HQ's when they're needed, but when they need more than a few stacks, they seek out HQ makers. HQ makers mostly have a whole team, or guild, that helps them craft high numbers of HQ's for a costumer. When I did this, I raked in 8M/Stack for Opal, Saphire, Mana and Heartstones, and all of the lower costing stones. I rarely made the more expensive stones because... well they were more expensive, and not all that profitable. Basically, all you need is about maybe 75M and a Pit-a-Pat and shout something like "HQ Maker>WM me orders! Low flat rate!" and all at once 2 or 3 people would whisp needing 20 or more stacks of various stones. So lets do the math here, 20x8M/stack=160M. Not bad for a good 20 minutes of work! Easy, fairly time consuming, high profit. 3)This is one some will call ridiculous, because it is. Magical Flame crafting..... What you do is, go to Mont Blanc and buy Crystal earrings, disassemble them, and you get 4 Magic powder, some solvent, and one special result. Just do that about... 500 times and buy a whole bunch of flame stone and you can earn 120M/stack of flamestone. Semi-Easy, HIGH PROFIT, very-very-very time consuming. (Least favorite..) 4)Fishing. Yes, fishing can be a very profitable thing. People go nuts over those [VIP] Items you can earn with fishing points and Gold Terrapin/Carp. I've even seen people sell the actual fish for up to 3M/stack. My strategy was log on to 4 or 5 of my many accounts and have all of them fishing at the same time. This way you get more fish for your time, and as far as I know, nothing is wrong or against the rules in doing so. After you get say 20 or so stacks of fish(For me that took about 2 days of near non-stop fishing..) just transfer them all to one character and exchange them for points and either save up for a higher quality item, or make an announcement that you are selling xxxxx amount of Fish points. People will usually buy them. Price is unknown at this point. Time consuming, very profitable if done right. 5)Lottery/Stock. Yep, stock. Okay, so what's that one thing that the price is up, then down. Then up, then down. Many different things influence the price of an item, such as season, style, need, and level change. Magical and Odd powder seems kinda silly at lower levels, but get just a little higher, such as when Magical Flame is needed, and you're kicking yourself for selling it. That's stock. Making an investment, in hopes of making a profit. I made the AMAZING choice of buying pukes when they dropped down to like 45M. I bought probably 50 or 60 knowing, or HOPING, they would sky rocket back up to 450M. Guess what..? They did. I made the greatest investment in MMO history, and I came out good, very, very good. On to Lottery, you know those Lucky boxes and Gold terrapin and Carp? That's Semi-Lottery items. A larger Lottery Item is Diamonds. "If double-clicked a more valuable diamond may be obtained" or something like that? Yeah, that more valuable diamond would be Cracked Diamond. They can go for 50M and higher. I call this Lottery. High risk, High reward. So, this concludes my Money Making guide for now! Please tell me what you think, and even leave your own suggestions ^.^ Have a nice night everyone!!
  3. Help i used to be able to buy things with real money can i still? like id go to a store and buy this card and then go to luna website and buy stuff can i i still do that is so how?
  4. Guest

    A question

    how long does paypal on payment take to process? ... my friend is making me ask this... am sorry if there's someone who already asked this... am just too tired to go through the forum :\
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