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Found 7 results

  1. Orange

    Design A Cloak!

    Master craftsmen of the Blue Land! It's time to get your crafting tools out and design an epic cloak! Read the event rules, download the blank and let your imagination go wild~ -Submit your entry before May 15th 23:59pm- Submission Rules You are allowed to submit only one entry. You cannot use different forum accounts to participate or submit on behalf of somebody else. Your entry cannot contain any mature (pornography, nudity, etc) or discriminatory content. You cannot use any real life references or symbols of any nationality. Your entry cannot contain anything related to other games or servers, your design is for Celestia Luna only and upon submission you agree that it becomes our property to use on our website or the game when we see fit referencing you as the author. You cannot modify the size of the blank provided and the cloak must retain its shape (no holes, cuts, transparencies). Your design must be original and not stolen from anybody or anywhere else. Doing so will result in a suspension in our forums and in game. Please add the following information to your submission: Character name: Cloak name: Your entry will be judged based on originality, design and overall feel. ~Prizes 1st Place Legend: The Lower Ends of Goddess's Skirt 30day 20% EXP Scroll (stacks with all others) 7day Lucky Hunter's Potion Permanent Map Teleport Scroll 5 Blessed Pukerian Scrolls 2nd Place Item Mall Costume Set of your choice (excluding Black Widow Leader and Wizard's) 30day 20% EXP Scroll (stacks with all others) 3day Lucky Hunter's Potion Permanent Map Teleport Scroll 3rd Place Pet Costume Set of your choice (head, back, paws, tail) 30day 20% EXP Scroll (stacks with all others) Permanent Map Teleport Scroll 5 Lucky 77 Boxes of your choice Good Luck to all the participants, we are looking forward to seeing your entries!
  2. Welcome at my Graphic Art Studio. Here you can request for free graphic works. In my offer are: • Signatures • Avatars • Banners • Text Works • Photos Editing • Logos • Desings • Rendering • Buttons If you want request please follow this format: Size: ....x.... Photo: ....... Text: .......... Text 1: ......(optional) Rules: 1. One person can order three times per week. 2. Hiding my logo on works is forbidden. 3. I have three days to finish your request. Enjoy and feel free to request! ~Edit #1~ If you request about signature with character from game (screenshot image) here are some details about it: 1. No Skill Effects (can't reneder them) 2. Try to choose background which is not same as your costume/set/weapon. Example: It's not so important but make my work easier :) 3. Don't use head itmes which are covered with your nick. Durring rendering i will have to cut it and part of it will just look ugly. Ty so much (/*3*)~
  3. Hello guys, because i drew someone special, i want to share it with you. Here is photo: Do you know him? ;)
  4. Hello Lunarians(?)! Kuu here! As I silently observed people the other day on-game, I found many inspiring characters! You guys have such great costume combinations~ So, as a small display of my hobby, and a tribute to you all, I decided to doodle some lovely peeps. However, it's traditional style (since I can't afford a digital tablet or scanner). :rolleyes: My favorite mediums include pens, pencils and highlighters. Did I mention that I LOOOOOOVE neon hair contrasts with black outfits? (I really do!) If you like what you see, maybe we can get acquainted in-game and I'll draw you! (For free!) Though, I won't complain if you're feeling generous and would like to donate to me. ^_^ Hanbok dress and designer swimsuit hair is so cute! I'll post more pictures as requests come in; if you can't catch me in-game, you may post screenshots here! Oh! You can catch me on channel 1 most of the time; my IGN is Kuuu! Hero Kuu awaaaaaay!
  5. ArashiKoYuno

    Drawings :3

    so i saw no one made a topic about drawing so here is some of my drawings XD ill post more later on you guys share your drawings too OK ^_^
  6. Opeia

    Opeia Arts

    So I guess I'll post some of my art. I want to do some Luna art since I have nonee. This thread is chat friendly~♥ Weeeeee~ Doing chibis also.. Check out DA for examples~ Semi Realism: http://opeiaa.devian...lery/?#/d4tjp32 http://opeiaa.devian...lery/?#/d4r7ft4 Animu--ish? http://opeiaa.devian...path=/#/d4n4pt4 http://opeiaa.devian...path=/#/d4k8f9a
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