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Found 2 results

  1. I want sharing my 2 year with this server. Maybe this not too good to be a guide, but i just want sharing maybe that help someplayer with this gameplay, for more reason for sharing that tips worth for today, because maybe many tips that not work today. 1. If you trully newbie and need to get gold from game for collecting your item, you can do: -Making Magical Flame,Magical Glue: That is boring task to do, for the reason because you need much time for destructing some material and buy some material from NPC after that you craft the item that can to sell to player, This a cheap way to collect much gold, today 1 slot is worth 2B Gold. Guide for Making Mflame: -Making HQ: Making HQ was known as HQ maker. Making HQ is tired task, because your finger must clicking constantly for buyying material craft from NPC. and if you doing HQ order the player who order from you sometimes can't patient and some time doing multiple order. But this is worth for reason today for rainbow HQ 1 slot is 50-100m. and cost gold much more than Making Mflame. Guide for HQ Maker: -Collect Event Item: This task is easy and effective you just need hunt event item. 2. Immediately user: -Phillo Item: This task just buying philoshoper stone and grant to item. Try your luck and if get option is good research for item value that worth to sell.. so far, this task can collect much gold. but cost much gold. Please Give this post response, like, upvote, or thanks. More content i will add soon, because i have many work.
  2. What is the best character for boosting other characters? I find myself to create new characters often. Though I usually am able to get them to about level 80 until I start slowing down incredibly. Apart from creating another character along side that so I can dd at any point, what is the best class and race for boosting other characters so I can get them from 75-105? Entrapper and just deleveling it? A tank to aggro mobs for the new character to kill? A inquisitor to quickly kill the mobs? Any help with what classes, race, skills, stats would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance!
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