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Found 2 results

  1. I've been exploring new territories with other classes, and I've come across a very under appreciated skill -- curse weakness! This is such a powerful skill that it should be a staple to all mage builds. Here it is at its peak: While this is an awesome skill, I've found the tool tip does not exceed expectations, and I'll show you what I mean. Take note of the following stats mentioned in the tool tip window: Movement speed Critical rate My guinea pig for today will be my magnus, Zecallion. Observe his raw stats: Here are his stats again, but this time, he is afflicted by the weakness curse... As one can observe, the movement speed is completely unchanged, in both the stat window, and as well as actually running around. Also take note of the critical rate in both stat windows -- a 19% decrease! A far cry from 0% critical chance. When curse weakness is coupled with angelic touch, one's magical defense can fall below zero, and when this happens, something very strange happens to the magical defense stat:
  2. Hi, Is Curse Weakness, skill of that reduces opponents stats, affects monsters or just players (PVP, GW)?
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