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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there! Well... There are some useless skills or skills that I think could be updated. Mana Vampirism: This skill works. You don't see any casting animation when you use it, and the target doesn't have a buff icon when they receives it. But when you give this buff to some player, it works and recovers mp when they kill monsters. Maybe you could solve the graphic problems, also it's not self buff. I like how it works. Corpse Take: It works just like mana vampirism, but in this case the mobs you kill under the effects of this power will give you a heal effect that increases according to your character's int. However, people who receive this debuff will heal hp when they kill monsters or players. The effect is beautiful, but the HP bonus is low (I consider). It could be improved and perhaps become a buff that is intended for players rather than monsters, a self buff for Necromancers. Something like "Vampirism" Corpse Explosion: Unlike the previous one, it does nothing. The effect doesn't work. It could be replaced by some other aoe of fire or another effect, something like a hunter blast / vital explosion but that can be casted from distance. Idk Ice and Fire trap: I don't remember if I ever made a suggestion for this skill. Entrapper has everything but traps. My suggestion is to turn them into something like Hunter blast and smoke. Fire trap could become a skill that is a fusion between "divine hold" (entangle affect) + fire per second, the entrapper would again have a use for boss hunting, because stun doesn't work for they. Ice trap could work with damage and with freezing or speed decreasing effect. I also suggest that these skills should to have an item requirement, something like the Purified Ruby requirement but I suggest create an item called "Trap" and you must craft it with wood and such (for example) Ice illusion: This skill works with magic attack for some strange reason, it doesn't have much use. Illusion attack: I shouldn't put it here because it has use but I think it's bugged and the damage is static. Deadly soul: Damage is low and the effect doesn't work properly Wind barrier: The effect is nice but the SP cost is exaggerated, especially because the effect has no difference between levels. Shield Barrier: It's not useless for pvp, but since the update of the minimum damage, it makes no sense to increase 1000% your defense if you'll take the same damage from monsters. I suggest that it should have a block rate effect to counteract this problem. Blessing Guard: I think it requests too many SP for its low effect, it could also add 1% block rate so that shield users get a greater benefit from this skill I don't remember if there are other "useless" or bugged skills
  2. Hi, Is Curse Weakness, skill of that reduces opponents stats, affects monsters or just players (PVP, GW)?
  3. Hi, May I ask any high level Mage regarding information on the following skills so I can prepare my earned SP to learn skills Max Percent Chance of the following: Lightning Stun Chill Breeze Blizzard Shield of Justice Thank you for the information
  4. Hi, Mage have a passive skill Spell Barrier - which reduce the chance of a cast failure. Does it affect : Healing Spells ? Buff Spells ? Debuff Spells ? (Angelic Breath, Cripple, etc) DOT Spells ? (Envenom, Holy Taker, etc)
  5. I downloaded luna on my gaming pc..and it goes up to the start up it wont go anywhere...nothing happens when you start it.
  6. i have something to ask, my BT took 1 level of back break but its damage output is weirdly small @[email protected] is it bugged, or what? here's the comparison: (it's all crit, i tried this on frost master nera harbor) normal hit 2.6-3.1k shield boomerang (Lv1) around 10k (256 damage in game skill tooltip) rage step (Lv1) around 6k (108 damage in game skill tooltip) back break (Lv1) 1.8-2k (twice=3.6-4k[?] it seems damaging twice to me) (no damage description in game skill tooltip - 800 damage description in luna skill calculator Orz) despite the fact that back break has 800 damage description (in luna skill calculator, tho), why it only produces such weak damage output?? i really felt stupid for wasting 11 SP on such skill here *sob* i know that we shouldn't really on luna skill calculator that much (i've read this some where, about its being only suitable for luna beta or luna plus yet celestia is still luna alpha).. but WHY, just WHY T_T if you guys need the screenshots, just tell me and i'll upload it. thanks. best regards, lovelyfresco
  7. finally, after hundreds of killed Stripped Lizardmans, i got my Point of sword. but when i use the skill blizzard nothing happens, there is the visual effect, but dont make damage or frost the enemies. is bugged or is just me?. i know is a low level sword, but i love it, and i want to make it work.please, what can i do?
  8. ummm. sorry but i don't know if there is any same topics as me but lazy to find it . so this is the question, do (fighter) skill Sword Rapidity do make faster casting skill or just normal attack speed ? reply A.S.A.P.
  9. EH SM Human bisa belajar skill EARTHQUAKE????
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