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Found 11 results

  1. path warrior-infantry-phalanx-magnus I'm currently a level 106 re-skill and restat what should i do? 1hsword+shield 2hsword or 1hsword+shield only My English isn’t so great but I’ll try (¯ ▽ ¯ *) ゞ
  2. I've been exploring new territories with other classes, and I've come across a very under appreciated skill -- curse weakness! This is such a powerful skill that it should be a staple to all mage builds. Here it is at its peak: While this is an awesome skill, I've found the tool tip does not exceed expectations, and I'll show you what I mean. Take note of the following stats mentioned in the tool tip window: Movement speed Critical rate My guinea pig for today will be my magnus, Zecallion. Observe his raw stats: Here are his stats again, but this time, he is afflicted by the weakness curse... As one can observe, the movement speed is completely unchanged, in both the stat window, and as well as actually running around. Also take note of the critical rate in both stat windows -- a 19% decrease! A far cry from 0% critical chance. When curse weakness is coupled with angelic touch, one's magical defense can fall below zero, and when this happens, something very strange happens to the magical defense stat:
  3. Alfa21

    Double Sonic Boom

    Double Sonic Boom is just for dual wield?
  4. Someone has a good guide for magnus, the guide that I'm following in something old and is for 2h>1h axe , the skil sonic boom , i level up this skill based on the guide and then i cant use and i see in the skill that is only for sword not axe like the guide say , so i really lost with this guides, what is better to use 1h axe or 1h sword? what skill to level? right now im follow this path >warrior>infratryman>knight .
  5. Imagine if you were in a guild war, and your guild was losing. Two players want to join your guild (Prodigyx, and Reforget.) But you only have 1 slot available. Which of these two players would you add to your guild?
  6. what is better in a job magnus? 2h axe or dual wield axe? pls help me
  7. Greetings. I love Magnus . So I would like to create one. There is four types Magnus that I confused. (1) 2handed Axe Magnus : - Good critical .No penalty (2) 2handed Sword Magnus : they told me if you up sword rapidity you can throw sonic boom and rune impact faster .i don't know true or not . No penalty (3) Dual Wield Axe Magnus : They told me Dual Wield Training for Dual wield Axe will not gain Additional physical attack ( which is better 2 handed Axe).but recently I found that it work on Axe (4) Dual Wield Sword Magnus : They told me if you wanted to make 2 handed sword magnus better make Dual Wield Sword Magnus i don't know why. does sword rapidity still work When dual wield sword So Which better ?
  8. Regaia

    Dual Wield Human

    So I just realy realy curious here :wacko: What job that human can take as dual wield? Because I've met somebody in game year ago while he was dual wielding And I asked about his job, and he was said "DESTROYER" is that true that destro can go dual wield? if is not, what else human can use dual wield? Only magnus and swordmaster?
  9. These are the two most common Magnus paths, but some people is having a hard time choosing the best for their play style, so i gathered some info about the most important diferences regarding skills and passives. I hope this mini guide helps someone who (like me) have trouble deciding their paths xD. Dont forget: It’s important that you pick the one that’s best suited to you. Phalanx - Defensive Type, have much less attacking power but more physical defense than Knight. Ideal for pure tank. Invulnerable lv1 - Invulnerable to damage for 8 seconds, but cannot move for the duration.(VERY nice) Relaxation lv2 - Passive skill that increases hp regen by 12 Troopership L4 - Passive skill that increases physical defense by 9%. (This skill is bugged. Works even if you're not in a party) Blessing guard L6 -Self buff that increases the physical defense by 6% Heavy Armor Expertise lv20 - Passive skill that increases physical defense by 23,28% when using heavy armors and increases your VIT by 10. Axe Training lv10 - Passive skill that increases physical attack by 8,11% when using axes. Mace Training lv10 - Passive skill that increases physical attack by 8,47% when using maces. Knight - Balanced Type, 5 less levels of HAE than Phalanx, but with a lot more attack power, ideal for grinding and can tank very well. Divine Justice lv1 - Increases hp regen by 300 for 30 secs. Cooldown 5 min. Blessing guard L5 - Self buff that increases the physical defense by 5%. Sword Storm - Sword only AOE skill Solid Weapon lv2 - Self buff that increases the physical attack power by 15% Armor Synchro lv1 - Increases movement speed by 10% when using heavy armor Weapon Synchro lv1 - Increases attack speed by 5% Heavy Armor Expertise lv15 - Passive skill that increases physical defense by 17,41% when using heavy armors and increases your VIT by 8. Axe Training lv15 - Passive skill that increases physical attack by 12,06% when using axes. Mace Training lv15 - Passive skill that increases physical attack by 12,62% when using maces. - Source: Ingame descriptions and skillcalc v4. - I have only listed the most important stuff. If you know any skill that is helpful please let me know. - You can get Troopership lv2 from Infantryman (increases physical defense by 7%.) - Magnus have Shield Training lv15, Sword Training lv 20 and Sonic Boom lv25 so no problem here. - Phalanx also have Holy Strike lv 15 (Infantryman have lv10), but i dont have much info on that skill (int based?). Please feed with more info or corrections... Sorry about the english, im from Mars!
  10. Guest

    Your opinion

    Okey, so please vote and tell me what do ya think :D Just your personal opinion, and if u can, pls add some reason. Thank you :*
  11. Guest

    [Magnus]Need advice

    Hello. I am kind of new player to luna (playing 2 months), and I am searching for best class in PVP. I found topic in which Misery writted: Posted 09 September 2011 - 04:45 PM Cardinals Tms Magnus Destroyers - for me best pvp class :) Cardinal vs TM = Same chance to win Cardinal vs Magnus = Magnus Win Cardinal vs Destro = Cardi Win Cardinal vs Cardinal = Cardi Win TM vs Cardinal = Same Chance Who first Tm vs Magnus = Magnus Win Tm vs Destro = destro TM vs TM = TM Magnus vs Cardinal = Magnus Magnus vs TM = Magnus Magnus vs Destro = Magnus Magnus vs Magnus = Magnus Destro vs Cardinal = Cardinal Destro vs TM = Destro Destro vs Magnus = Magnus Destro vs Destro = Destro ~ just analise my combat list... So i wanna try Magnus... But i don't know which weapon to use :P Magnus can be builded so many ways... I found only that guide: http://forum.celesti...wield-int-type/ It says dual wield is best (for everything lold). What's your opinion? I want to concetrate only on PVP, cuz thats reason why i am playing any MMORPG games for 5 years :P And if u can pls write some cool build form me. Thanks :* Ps. If u give me build pls write weapon, stat, path, skills and items :)
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