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Found 2 results

  1. I made my Rm for some personal buffing only but when I'm a warlock I realize that I can also do solo farming using this path: wizard>priest>warlock>RM Lets Start Mage skill lists: Intelligence = max Robe Expertise = max THAT'S all for mage till level 20 ________________________________________________________________________________ Wizard Skill lists Intelligence = 2 Spell Craft = max Wizardry = max Envenom =5 Chill Breeze = 5 NOTE: Choose 1 between chill breeze and envenom if choose chill breeze then learn Spell Barrier THAT'S all for wizard till level 40 ________________________________________________________________________________ Priest Skill lists max all buffs EXCEPT :> wisdom, mind barrier, bless mind, beholder..... (waste of sp u dont need this yet) passives : Robe Expertise = max Enhance HP attack skills: Holy Strike>Divine sword (if you have spell barrier) Divine Judgement>DIvine Curse (dps skill spell barrier is not needed) Heal: Great heal = 5 Fast heal = 1 THAT'S all for priest till level 75 ________________________________________________________________________________ Warlock Skill lists Attack skills: Blizzard = max Fire Blast = 15 Meteor = 15 Venom Cloud = 20 Buffs: Intelligence = max wizardry = max passives: robe expertise = max spell craft = max staff training = max THAT'S all for Warlock till level 75 ________________________________________________________________________________ RM Skill lists Attack Skills: Silence rune = 1 or if you can reach level 111 you can raise it to 2 (doesn't affect physical skills like sonic booms it only silences mage skills you can use this to blue mage in NH so it can't attack or damage you for 30secs) buffs: max all buffs EXCEPT :> wisdom, mind barrier, bless mind, beholder..... (waste of sp u dont need this yet) max first the shield, bless wind, bless heart, B4 any thing.... passives: robe expertise = max enhance Hp = max heal: you can upgrade your healing skills if you have extra SP after learning these ffg. skills these skills are supportive buff for rogues and fighters won't work for ya Acuteness Pinpoint Kiss of death Clout Return to Bind (use this if you map scroll is expired to teleport in alker harbor make sure save point first) equips: i Use +7faust set vit+Int combinations +12 Medusa Int or vit [PHILO] *ma rein why need crit rate rein or p.a if you use MA* Hellen vit or m.a philo 2hathor vit or phantasmal 1pc + token of covenant vit flicks vit mix with m.a or int LB or farouk int or vit +12 kynee int atleast 18+++ healthy worm FOR fast casting glasses any glass you want to wear COSTUMES: head = Crocodile head or Kobold head Body = Panda p.def or 15% hp mp ms glove = Crocodile glove or Kobold glove boots = vit boots or Panda Boots why crocy or kobold costumes? less expense just hunt it 10% is more than +500hp from shinigami pants as for stats simply if you reach 7k M.a then go full vit with equips vit and little bit of int or int stats then go full vit equips thats all happy farming
  2. --------------------------------- ------------RHAM------------- --------------------------------- I just want to share to everyone my own guide on making a Soul arbiter. A soul arbiter which can lock+good damage why locker? 95%chance stun ->holy earthquake 80%chance stun ->lightning stun 95%chance freeze -> blizzard 95%chance sleep -> tranquilitiy why holder? max lvl Cripple (aoe Hold) max lvl sleeping soul and binding soul (sleep and hold indiv) why good damage? Because they are matk based and Soul arbiter has the highest magic crit rate of all. -------------------- -------------------- *how can you lock? Skill combo for locking in PVP/bosses(austere/fitw) : blizzard>holy earthquake>lightning stun>holy justice>blizzard/tranquility *repeat sequence* SKill combo locking in PVE: blizzard>holy earthquake>meteor>blizzard/tranquility *repeat sequence* -------------------- -------------------- note: 1. You need to practice Timing. Blizzard cool down is 10.9 sec, and freezes for 11.8 sec Now combine the stun seconds of holy earthquake: 3.3 seconds lightning stun: 4.9 seconds *now thinking that lightning stun only has 80% chance of getting stun on the enemy, you should consider to cast holy earthquake>lightning stun after about 7 seconds in order for the blizzard to be cooled down before the enemy even snaps out from the stun and get freezed again. But you can also just wait for 3 seconds to perform your lock because if your enemy doesn't *cry,whine, be a gay* on you, using tranquility, you can use that and perform again the sequence. -------------------- -------------------- path: wizard>priest>warlock>soul arbiter -------------------- -------------------- stats:Int (why int? because those lock skills will be needing int for your magical attack in order to have a good damage. they are not DPS) -------------------- -------------------- skills: -------------------- -------------------- 1-20(mage) (all skill should be max except for the indicated ones) Holy strike -------------------- -------------------- 20-40(wizard) (all skill should be max except for the indicated ones) Holy strike Intelligence Wzardry Spell craft Bloodstream(its up to you to get this) -------------------- -------------------- 40-75(priest) (all skill should be max except for the indicated ones) Holystrike>divine sword lvl 1 fast heal lvl 1 great heal Bless wind Shrewd spell Shield Mind Barrier Holy Barrier -------------------- -------------------- 75-105(warlock) (all skill should be max except for the indicated ones) Fire Blast Meteor Lightning stun Intelligence Wizardry Spell craft Staff training Bloodstream(its up to you to get this) -------------------- -------------------- *get a reskill* 105-150(soul arbiter) (all skill should be max except for the indicated ones) priority skills for the lock combo holy earthquake blizzard lightning stun holy justice tranquility other skills meteor/fireblast (for grinding, you could choose for whichever you like on those two to help out for your other aoe) holy barrier shrewd spell fortune magic twinkle magic intelligence wizardry bless vital shield bless wind mind barrier wisdom Armor link lvl 1 fast heal lvl 1 great heal lvl 5 bloodstream ( @lvl 105, with your int, lvl 5 bloodstream is enough to cover your MP expenses) Light armor expertise -------------------- -------------------- recommended items: Costumes : bache matk, wizard robe,shinigami pants, panda shoes, lizard/int3% halo, int glasses Gears: set no. 1 (purely int) 1. L.set (craft+philo int) / G.set (philo int,gloves craft int) 2. Gemini/Castor(hc moon/philo int) 3. HSOE/Hathor(hc moon/philo int) 4. Farouk/LB neck(hc moon/philo int) 5. Kynee(philo int) 6. Medusa(int philo) 7. aias shield 8. DS spell(hc moon) 9. jasmine set no. 2 (balance sh*t=vit/int) 1. L.set (craft vit philo int) (Craft int philo vit) 2. Gemini (philo vit) Castor (hc moon/philo int) 3.1pc HSOE(hc moon/philo int) 1pc HSOE(philo vit) 4. Farouk/Lb neck(hc moon/philo int) Kynee(philo vit) 5. Medusa(int philo) 6. aias shield 7. Ds armor (hc moon) 8. jasmine/magic mirror -------------------- -------------------- Questions: 1. with a lvl 1 shrewd spell is it enough to lock your enemy? -> guys, you need to learn to learn the tactics on pvp, you need to know the distance you have on your enemy. before he could even get close to you, you can cast blizzard(it has a fast cast speed) 2. my stats are int, am I that vulnerable? -> not so, soul arbiter can gain the highest HP if they go full vit for mage. because they get additional HP every time they level. and you are using Light armor, it is not so low def like robes. 3.Is it ok to go vit with my stats? -> its ok, but I recommend you go with the balance sh*t set, and you'll be able to tank with no problem
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