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  1. FunShot here bumwisita lang nakalimutan ko id ng warehouse ko kaya walang items d maka balik
  2. Iridesence

    Forgot Password

    maybe they will but not now thats what she told me in the hexchat
  3. Iridesence

    Forgot Password

    only lost passwords? Orange told me they aren't processing lost ID
  4. application cancelled broken pc
  5. turn off mo anti virus pag nag repatch ka kasi may AV na dinidelete yung client ng luna
  6. Hello! IgN: pakbungjr/rigie
  7. Iridesence

    Skill Rogue ?

    farouk is for cs and it wont affect shield boomerang nor cd of it
  8. Iridesence

    Skill Rogue ?

    boost dagger, power shot, double shot, magic arrow
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