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Gm Masuk Sini Saya Mau Tanya


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GM gk ngurusin yg seperti ini.


baca nih;



Policy on Stolen Accounts

Celestia Games Staff will no longer investigate cases of stolen accounts.
Here are the reasons why an account is usually stolen, and why it's not our place to step in:

  • You've shared your account with someone.
  • You've applied at Fordeon or Weebly or some other Scam site. ( Breaking Unfair Advantage Rules, Account Trading and Common Sense )
  • Someone has guessed your password. ( This means you've TOLD them your username, and your password was easy to guess )
  • Someone has guessed your username and password. ( For someone to guess both, means you must have a super easy to guess username/password )

Celestia Games is not responsible in any of these cases.
The ONLY case in which Celestia Games should be held accountable, is when Luna's Database has been accessed illegally, which is an unlikely scenario.
All other cases will be ignored, and threads deleted.

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