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Experience With Scammers In A Month


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Hey. Firstly, I'd like to thank the devs, admins, GMs and mods to work on the lovely Celestia game. (I typed in English since I like to speak English and expect Pusheen & Shinchan to come :D !)

I'd like to share my experience about my playing luna for the past months. (I know, I'm still an amateur since I forgot my 3-years-ago account and made a new one),

Since I like to buy publicated PP (still planning to donating privately via paypal) I've been buying those points to buy costumes (for myself) or HCO (if I need gold, I've spent around 100$ for a month btw lol) I usually vend at Nera castle 3 where people are selling their items too.

#1 - I once put my Hellen 4.0% philo m.atk at my shop near warehouse, I was away from keyboard that time, but suddenly there's this weird person who uses an Appretince Robe and messages me asking want to be his friend or not. (I forgot his username, by the way, why me anyway?)

So, eventually he asks my name and asked me to be his friend, he suddenly wants my Hellen, for a strange reason nobody will buy: "Showing off his friend pro items" (WHat the heeeeeqq???)

He said his friends started to play just a day ago, and he said that his friend just bought gold (RMT, disgusting ikr?) And don't know price about items. So he wants me to give my hellen to him to showoff to his friend!! I got really suspicious and weird looking here. And once I asked him what his friend's username is, LOL he replies only after 10 minutes. And after that, I once knew he was going to scam me.

~~~ le me running to Alker Harbor, ignoring the strange scammer ~~~

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