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  1. kayaknya cmn bisa di windows doang mep...
  2. line : rizfii

  3. im so pitiful lol

    1. Kirakisho


      yes lol lol :v

  4. Embarassing. Whatever. IGN: ViolentMaiden
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I just noticed something when I saw the post you were tagged in on facebook. That's the gayest first thing to drink for sure.

  6. ngapain, mending war all langsung... -_-
  7. Congratulations!!! <3 although I still want to join the wars every night (i prefer joining the war rather than studying for final test lmao) but, opponents, thanks for making the game more lively. It was kinda boring these past weeks, knowing there aren't any upcoming events right there. But I still have to level until 150 though the war ended in a blink of an eye....
  8. alay lo tod demen taik kuda ya? wkwkwkw

  9. its Ninanyan , bikin jadi peran jahat aja biar seru muahahahah <3
  10. I like it, pretty please continue the chapters until you make the romance sceneeeeees <3 hahahahha
  11. Oh, so that's how it feels. Losing someone you don't even remember owning him, losing the pitiful memories inside your head. I can't trust anyone anymore....

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