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to all pro player, i know that i'm still weak, slower in term of speed to gather a mob but

that doesn't mean you can just login and killing  everything on your sight ,circling around the area until to the point

that i can't even lure them.

there's no such thing as spot claiming in this server and i know about it, but it's rude to just appear and killing for the last 30 mint while ignoring me.

you didn't even say sorry but instead adding more people on your party while i also got mine. if i can post my screenshot (no idea if i can post it here) i will but i won't because that would degrade your guild reputation mrs-xxx.

don't bully us newbie - no harm done just please don't bully us




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If this happens you can always change channels, some people might not understand and some others doesn’t even care, so instead of getting mad about it just change channel, after all, it’s the same place :)

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