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Lv50 Tournament - July 4th

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Lv50 Tournament - July 4th


Tournament Information

The tournament is held with 2 brackets, a winners and a losers bracket. Losers will battle other losers until final elimination, losing against another loser will eliminate you from the tournament.

Here's an example of how it will look:




Battle Rules

All players must follow these rules during the event:

  • Players not participating/spectating the tournament must remain in sit mode and not walk around during battles.
  • Players who disturb the event will be banned until the tournament is over. Players who continue to disturb the event will get a 5 day ban.
  • Dueling is forbidden during the event on the event map and channel.
  • Buffing/healing/other skills to a player who is going to participate in a battle is forbidden and will get you banned until the end of the event.
  • The tournament will be held in Alker Harbor CH10 and all participants must be online at the time of the tournament.


During battle:

  • Players must wait before starting their duel for Orange to say "You may duel now".
  • Stealth is only forbidden if both participants have stealth. Orange will notify players before their battle if stealth is forbidden.
  • Food, potions, elixisrs, buff scrolls, etc are forbidden.
  • Any healing or buffing or other effects from other players are forbidden.
  • Only MP Potions are allowed to be used.
  • Only your own buffs are allowed, skills you learned yourself on your own character.
  • Pet buffs are forbidden.
  • You must not be in a guild or a party at the time of the tournament.
  • Breaking any of our Terms of Service, ie: bug abuse, offensive language, etc will disqualify you.
  • Breaking any of the tournament requirements posted in the original topic regarding account and character status will disqualify you.
  • Not being online at the time of your turn in the tournament will disqualify you.
  • You may forfeit by saying so during your battle.


How the battles will go:

  • The GM will check all participants for tournament requirements, if you broke any of the requirements you will be notified of disqualification.
  • The GM will announce the battles every time.
  • The GM will kill your character in duel to remove all effects.
  • The GM will heal HP and MP of both participants.
  • Each participant will join one of the GMs parties to see the duel numbers and check for rule breaking. (SEPARATE PARTIES)
  • The battle can only start after the GM says "You may duel now".
  • You only get 1 chance for every battle.



Live Bracket & Winners





Good luck to all!

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