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Buying pets


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Looking to buy some pets:

Dragonling pets
-Blue Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b
-Red Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b
-Green Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b
-Purple Dragonkin (halloween gacha) -800b

Golem pets
-Cursed Golem (lv90 distorted crack) -75b

Other pets
-Moon cat from mega fun gacha (sry forgot its exact name and cant find gacha contents post)- 300b

If you happen to be selling any you can contact me in a variety of ways, and I will update this page with any that have already been bought.
Discord (fastest response): Darth Payne#7794
In-game Note: DarthAniku
Reply here to the forum post or PM, I check often but not quite as often as the other two

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