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  1. I honestly wouldn't mind however they were implemented. Just having a way to get them at all, even Gem store would be nice. That said, an item exchange would be nice, but if it was universal and not just specific boss pieces. That way the ones like evil golem or gargoyle who you out level so fast with exp rates could still be obtained by fighting bosses appropriate to your level. Either a fixed exchange number, like 10 for any of them but low drop. or average drop with scaling costs appropriate to level, Evil cheapest (yay), Black gargoyle, harpy queen, ext ext for whichever ones were implemented
  2. Looking to buy some pets: Dragonling pets -Blue Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Red Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Green Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Purple Dragonkin (halloween gacha) -800b Golem pets -Cursed Golem (lv90 distorted crack) -75b Other pets -Moon cat from mega fun gacha (sry forgot its exact name and cant find gacha contents post)- 300b If you happen to be selling any you can contact me in a variety of ways, and I will update this page with any that have already been bought. Discord (fastest response): Darth Payne#7794 In-game Note: DarthAniku Reply here to the forum post or PM, I check often but not quite as often as the other two
  3. I Couldn't find any information on this being suggested so if i missed it I apologize, that being said: Would be pretty cool to see a few more in-game pets for funsies. Either as drops or Gem store, being able to have a mini version of your favorite bosses would be pretty fun, my favorite Evil Golem for example. You out level him pretty quickly but being able to have a mini version follow me around on my adventures would bring endless joy. Certainly others would feel the same about a boss or two. Even some of the regular in-game monsters (looking at you geckos!) are super adorable and would make great pets.
  4. Yes it would be lol. But that is a nice workaround. at least its better than nothing. I think I'll do that for now.
  5. Correct on all accounts. If your lv 94 and monster is lvl100 you have reduced exp and drop lv95-100 would have optimal drop and exp 101-105 is normal drop and exp 106-115 is reduced drop and exp 116+ Is no drops meaning you can farm a monster for 20 levels. 5 below to 15after. But optimal drop range is the 5 lower to 5 after
  6. I think the odds are good. I was in the forums looking for information when I started
  7. From what i can tell once your 15lvls over the monster, no more drops. This includes bosses (tho im not sure about special bosses like tarintus and kiera, or event bosses)
  8. Is there a way to save the appearance settings for each character? I know its a quality of life thing, but a little annoying to have to pick which slots to hide/show each time you swap characters =P Just curious if there was a way to set it for individuals, or if there were plans to add such a feature later.
  9. Great start. I was looking for something like this ever since I started. I think it would actually be crazy helpful to alot of people to have a list like this for alot of the items. especially clean version of gear, costumes ext. Its always hard to make random offers and worry if your waaaaay too low or too high. Having at least a ballpark idea of a value and what others have traded or sold for really helps move things along
  10. I usually level up on the lv 79 and i think 82 ghouls and i coulda sworn i pick up light armor that i vendor all the time. maybe its not lv80 tho. I know something in the swamp drops the molds for 80+ armor i end up with a few of those (ive actually got quite a few armor/boot/glove molds and some of the fairy material if you want them to just make some 80+ light stuff)
  11. You explained well, but skipped the point. My concern is surviving in PvE. I like to farm bosses and stuff, i dont care about fighting other players. So If i go full str or dex on my character (C) Will I be okay with just some Vit and the Pdef of my heavy armor along with buffs. or do you have to do evasion to survive as a fighter too. Or do i have the option to build either way i want. Pdef/Vit or Evasion
  12. That would be an amazing update. I love when an mmo has the actual cooldown numbers instead of just the fading colors.
  13. Hi, i got a couple questions about where to drop stat points on a fighter for survivability in the endgame. I know you can take defensive paths like infanty/knight and pick up buffs and passives even if your going destroyer or swordmaster ext. My questions are: 1- Is it safe as a fighter to dump your stat points into full str or full dex? or do you need to go vit 2- Do you need to have evasion in your gear as well? or can you survive off your pdef and hp pool still and just focus on damage/crit Im just curious how it plays out in the end. Im not referring to a specific build, just some general clarification. This is about any of the damage endings, Destroyer/Magnus/Swordmaster as ill probably play around on all 3. I was just curious if I had options and its viable to survive on pdef/hp or if you have to delve into evasion as well. It would be nice to know if for example i could dump full Dex for more crit and strike or if that choice would mean i need to do Eva gear from loosing the Vit. Or if i had plenty of crit if I could just do pure str for extra raw damage. so on and so forth. I hope I'm being clear its hard not to ramble in circles when your not sure how to put your concerns into words.
  14. Are the costumes listed there the only way to obtain? Or do they also come around seasonally and stuff. No problem either way just wanted to be clear on which ones are exclusive
  15. Just wondering if this costume has made it into the game or not. It was my favorite from gpotato luna back in the day.
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