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Change Musket Crafting Success Rate (for Mold and actual Weapon)


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Hi everyone,


I just want to suggest to make success rate of crafting muskets the same as crafting other 2h weapons. In the original game, muskets are difficult to get because they are supposed to be for advanced and really strong classes but with the bugs and the current state of the game. I don't think Sniper and Panzer is that advanced anymore. Most of what Snipers do, AR can do more or less the same with cheaper and easier to get equipment and for Panzer, AR still has it beat in terms of damage, in PVE Panzer might be better because of its nice HP and pdef but then again, evasion gives rogues more edge. While balancing the jobs is a different thing, I just think it's an unnecessary handicap for musket jobs to have their weapons more difficult to craft when their class ain't objectively that much better from everything else that falls into a similar role as Sniper and Panzer. Destruct/salvage feature for muskets will also be a really helpful addition. Thanks for reading ^^

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