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  1. There is a popular topic in our forums in the Indonesian section where players ask why they are banned, this is an official version for all players. It is allowed to use different languages in this topic but you must provide your information in English! Staff members must and will reply both in your language, if they speak it, and English. You can provide your ID or your character name if you do not wish to disclose your ID. HOWEVER, only staff members will be able to look up your character name which will take longer than a regular player looking up your ID in IRC! [if you were banned more than ~1,5 years ago the reason for your ban might be unobtainable] Ask why you got banned: Check why you got banned yourself through IRC! [Guide how to use IRC]
  2. Dear Celestians, we are updating our account recovery policy to make it more reliable, faster and more secure. We will no longer perform e-mail changes on accounts with lost e-mails. There is no proof of ownership that you can provide as secure as owning the e-mail address saved on the account. Please read below which cases will be processed and which will be denied in our Account Recovery System: Forgot password, remember ID, remember e-mail: Use our automatic password recovery: Forgot/Remember password, forgot ID, remember e-mail: Can be restored. Use ticket type "Forgot account ID" and send the ticket from that same e-mail. Don't forget to verify your ZenDesk account after creating your ticket. If the e-mail is correct and verified the ID will be disclosed to you, then you can use automatic password recovery. Forgot/Remember password, remember ID, forgot e-mail: Can be restored. Use ticket type "Forgot account e-mail" and send the ticket from a working e-mail. Don't forget to verify your ZenDesk account after creating your ticket. An e-mail hint (not full address) will be sent to you, if you can't remember the e-mail with the hint we will not disclose the e-mail address in full and you won't be able to recover the account. Forgot/Remember password, forgot ID, forgot e-mail: Could be restored. Use ticket type "Forgot account ID and e-mail" and send the ticket from a working e-mail. Don't forget to verify your ZenDesk account after creating your ticket. Write in the description your character names. An e-mail hint will be sent to you with the address saved on that account. If you can't remember the e-mail there will be no recovery. If you do remember the e-mail create another ticket of "Forgot account ID" type with that e-mail. E-mail no longer active (eg: yahoo) or can't be recovered: There will be no recovery. Got hacked, password changed/unchanged (still have my account): Use our automatic password recovery and/or change your password immediately. If your items were stolen report being hacked to Orange in Discord. Create a ticket type "Hacked items" (this means you still have access to your account). Full or any item recovery is not guaranteed. Got hacked, password changed, e-mail changed (no longer have my account): Report your account being hacked to Orange in Discord. Can be recovered. Create a ticket with type "Hacked account". The e-mail change will be reverted and your password reset, look for a password recovery e-mail in your inbox when you get a ticket reply. Full or any item recovery is not guaranteed. Got banned: You can submit a ticket with type "Ban Appeal", recovery of the account is not guaranteed and depends on the type of ban, duration and when it happened. Read our account safety tips to never run into any trouble and keep your e-mail updated!
  3. WineHQ should already come with all the necessary dependencies, otherwise you would not be able to play or connect to the server. These are DirectX 9 or higher and VCRedist provided on our help page:
  4. You can report players for scamming this way on our player report section, always remember to take screenshots!
  5. We have no problems with you running the game through WineHQ on Linux, in fact we even made sure that the game runs smoothly on WineHQ.
  6. It's a bug that it can drop from pumpkins and will be fixed today to the right event token.
  7. Short and easy solutions for the most common technical issues that new and veteran players might experience. Even if we do already have a longer read and more detailed player constructed technical issues thread players seem to ignore it. 1. The game does not start after I click "Start Game" on the patcher: 2. Nothing happens after I select the server in the server select menu: A. Add LUNAClient.exe (located in your game folder at "C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Celestia Luna Online\") to your antivirus' exception list (if you don't know how google it, it's different for each antivirus) B. Still not seeing the game start: your antivirus has already put LUNAClient.exe in its quarantine, you will have to retrieve it or reinstall and add the exception again. (if you don't know how google it, it's different for each antivirus) 2.B The game crashes when I select the server in the server select menu: You are missing a VC++ Redist install, download and install it from here: 32-bit: 64-bit: 3. I get an error saying "D3DERR INVALIDCALL" when I run the game and it closes afterwards! This mostly happens when you try to run the game in full screen mode in a resolution that your screen does not support. Try running the game in windowed mode instead. These are the top 3 problems new and veteran players might get, for more detailed information use our search function with keywords related to your problem, all past and current technical problems have already been solved before.
  8. In this new gacha you can obtain various exclusive and custom items not available anywhere else, here are the previews! ~Pets~ ~Head Items (Costume)~ ~Head Items~ ~Face Items~ ~Costumes~ ~Wings~
  9. That means it reduces cast speed, not increases it!
  10. black screen

    El mapa estaba offline, intenta otra vez.
  11. Ya puedes entrar a tu personaje. No le quites todos los items a ningún personaje si no quieres que pase otra vez.
  12. Este bug aparece cuando le quitas todos los items a tus personajes. Lo podremos arreglar en unos cuantos días.
  13. Wild Mantis is not enabled in The Great Garden. You can get the same items it would drop (Heart Stone of Evil, Medusa's Wand) from Fighter in the Wind and Huge Mummy in Nera's Graveyard.
  14. Dear Celestians, please use this topic to report maps that you can't access or ask others if they are having problems in that map as well, this applies to all (including DD maps when accessed from the Date Interface) maps: With black screen (not loading after map image) No Channel selection menu Message with "Unable to move maps" Sometimes one of your characters may still be in that map, but other characters can't access it, you should not trade/buy/level in that map until it's fixed. Use the teleport function in our website to move your characters to a different map if you are stuck. But log out first!
  15. Halloween will be coming soon and we will have a new gacha and other gem store and event items, just like with the summer gacha most items will be new and unique to our server, we would like to hear your requests and suggestions for Halloween themed accessories (face/head/back). For ideas take a look at the summer gacha items: Brief descriptions with your suggestions are appreciated. If you have seen the item in another game you can post a cropped image of the item itself. We are not looking for any other suggestions at this time (no pets, costumes, monsters, events, etc). Completed Requests/Suggestions: [Back] Coffin [Head] Scarf [Costume Head] X's Hood (white/black/red) Accepted Requests/Suggestions: not this year Rip Sign + Tombstone = RIP Tombstone Hat Skull Mask Cute Skele Bag Bat Backpack Bubble Gum (in mouth) Pencil in mouth Loli Skull & Bones Bag Brain Hat Egg on head Weapons on head
  16. I will update the main post when more items are created
  17. If this is still happening follow the instructions on hour help page:
  18. One coffin coming up, with its own runic seal:
  19. When downloads are stuck it could be either your network or your antivirus blocking it. Try turning your antivirus off while you patch.
  20. Your character was fixed
  21. Your character was fixed.
  22. We can't help you if we don't know your character name nor the map that it's in.
  23. We are already adding more inventory if you read here:
  24. Because that's not your character name, that's your account name, and it is different. None of the characters on that account has that name.