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  1. Oh so that is the account? I need a character name, not the account name, what I searched was a character named "Megamagefix".
  2. You were banned for PK leveling. The duration of the ban is 6-12 days.
  3. That character was banned in 2015 and there is no trade to McMorrow from any char that contains "mage" in its name.
  4. There must be a language barrier here. I said that your character will be fixed tomorrow.
  5. Because you removed all items your char won't be fixed until tomorrow, removing all items gets characters stuck.
  6. What character is it and what map? Did you remove all items from that character?
  7. Those are common swords, common items are sold by vendors, dropped by monsters and crafted, therefore if you want those two swords with good stats you'll have to craft them yourself with Perium Ingots. For rare items we have a guides section: Always search our forums first, any information out there is potentially wrong because not all servers are the same.
  8. If you only forgot your password use the automatic recovery:
  9. Welcome back to Celestia! We're always happy to see returning players
  10. 1500 crit is 100% until further changes, therefore you don't need more than 1500 right now.
  11. You recovered the wrong account. Characters don't get deleted, if you don't see your characters you are remembering wrong and they are on a different account.
  12. Hi, try requesting a new reset link and instead paste it on a different device or browser than before. What is the ID? You can answer that through PM.
  13. You disabled it yourself on your profile settings. Go to your account settings and click profile settings.
  14. Oh you mean you don't see your own "What are you thinking about?" box on your own profile? You are probably logged out, the forum does that sometimes, just click on the login box on the top right and log in again.
  15. Do you have problems playing other games? Does your audio work? This is a Windows and DirectX audio error, meaning something with your windows, audio or drivers is wrong.
  16. We agree that the duration of Rune Master's silence is too long. For now that's all I can say, we have not yet decided anything about it.
  17. It's being reworked to show self messages only and no longer show user to user messages.
  18. Hi, have you tried restarting your computer? Sounds like there was an audio driver issue.
  19. Please search the forums before posting. We have a topic to report map status.
  20. Hello, the location you were playing from was used by accounts who created a fake website and tried to steal other players' accounts. Because this was done so much we decided it was best to ban all accounts related and block that location from accessing the game ever again.
  21. You were banned from discord for constantly highlighting staff members to reply to your PMs which is warned against in the main channels.
  22. Try checking if all your drivers and windows updates are installed, perhaps there's an error with an audio driver? You should also try rebooting, maybe something crashed.
  23. There is a popular topic in our forums in the Indonesian section where players ask why they are banned, this is an official version for all players. It is allowed to use different languages in this topic but you must provide your information in English! Staff members must and will reply both in your language, if they speak it, and English. You can provide your ID or your character name if you do not wish to disclose your ID. HOWEVER, only staff members will be able to look up your character name which will take longer than a regular player looking up your ID in IRC! [if you were banned more than ~1,5 years ago the reason for your ban might be unobtainable] Ask why you got banned: Check why you got banned yourself through IRC! [Guide how to use IRC]
  24. You will not have as good damage as other sword classes, you might gain higher level of solid weapon but you will not be able to get any sword skills past level 20 and skill damage is more important than your stats.
  25. thank you, knowing that it's only the latest addition to the DD brackets helps a lot, we will investigate further!