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    If you suck during duels now that just means you always sucked in duels.
  2. Ask why you are banned here!

    There is a popular topic in our forums in the Indonesian section where players ask why they are banned, this is an official version for all players. It is allowed to use different languages in this topic but you must provide your information in English! Staff members must and will reply both in your language, if they speak it, and English. You can provide your ID or your character name if you do not wish to disclose your ID. HOWEVER, only staff members will be able to look up your character name which will take longer than a regular player looking up your ID in IRC! [if you were banned more than ~1,5 years ago the reason for your ban might be unobtainable] Ask why you got banned: Check why you got banned yourself through IRC! [Guide how to use IRC]
  3. Crafting bug

    There is a second list underneath the big list where you select which recipe to use to craft the item.
  4. Nera Harbor Panzer Test [1.7.1]

    Good video, keep it up!
  5. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    Great improvement!
  6. Can they give back my item or nah?

    Hi, items sold to NPCs are gone forever and can't be recovered unfortunately.
  7. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    You used copyrighted music so not everybody can see your video, I suggest using one of our BGMs instead.
  8. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    This was fixed in patch 1.7.3, you can now see it in your stats window.
  9. Patch Notes [Aug. 5th 2018]

    Character: Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage numbers for stat and damage calculation. Interface: Fixed item amount for unstackable items in craft window. Fixed list colors in different interface windows. Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage for stat calculation in character stat window. Magic attack was not nerfed, the number you saw before was incorrect. Items: Removed lower tier equipment from salvaging outcome for equipment. Disabled salvaging of common green equipment (will update in the future). Adjusted many common equipment recipe material amounts. Fixed some material and helmet icons. Fixed wrong equipment type tooltip on legendary necklaces. Quests: Fixed Treasure Hunter job quest not working for elf scout. Skills: Fixed [Power Prayer: Conviction] to the correct magical critical stat. Fixed [[Guild] Sharp Eye] to the correct magical critical stat. Fixed [Iron Night] physical damage type. Fixed missing weapon mastery for magical attack. Staves no longer increase physical attack, they increase magical attack. Maces increase both physical and magical attack.
  10. Arch Ranger Path

    If you don't want any evasion and want pure damage/critical that path is fine, with the job passive fix for level 4 arch ranger path, the range buff on most bow skills and the buff on bow training you'll be able to kite just fine, without the need of standing there and getting hit.
  11. Newbie Here!

    Hi, crafted maces are fine if you can't get a rare one, the magical attack on all maces was buffed a while ago. Currently the only rare mace for crusader from monsters is in Oasis of Parasus which is a level 120+ map.
  12. Hello Celestians! We have been working on ideas on how to improve the features within the game, a vital one being the crafting system. Currently, when we think of crafting it feels like it has become repetitive, dull and at higher levels a task that very few enjoy or will partake in, due to different reasons. So this is our proposition for a better crafting system. Keep in mind that this will not go live unless 75% of the votes agree on the new system and we get at least 100 votes. This topic is easily translatable to any language with Google Translate (easily available in Chrome). Let's dive in! First of all these are the changes to how crafting will work: Vendor items can no longer be destroyed for materials. All materials will be obtained from monsters, farming, fishing and questing. Dropped equipment can still be destroyed for materials. Common (white name) Jewellery will no longer be crafted. Common Jewellery will become Uncommon (green name) and will only drop from monsters and quests. This jewellery will obtain random stats (blue stats like from Philosopher's stones) when dropped. Wiesel, Harmel and Accesswel will no longer exist nor be necessary for crafting. Strange Powder, Magic Powder and Mana Powder will drop from all monsters and will substitute Wiesel, Harmel and Accesswel. Strange Powder will drop from beasts. Magic Powder will drop from magical creatures. Mana Powder will drop from humanoids. All other powders and essences currently required to craft jewellery will no longer exist nor be necessary. Reducing the base materials from 4 (metal, leather, cloth, essence) to 3 (metal, leather, cloth). Basic Patterns will no longer exist or be necessary. All common equipment will be crafted directly from materials. (If the change takes place you will be able to destroy the molds/patterns you have already crafted for a full cost refund of materials) Advanced Basic Materials will no longer be crafted, instead they will be bought in appropriate level cities. Thread -> Strengthened Thread -> Fairy's Thread Skein -> Moonlight Thread Skein (for example) will all be bought from vendors. Alker Harbor -> Zakandia -> Nera Castle -> Oasis of Parasus are the maps that will have the above tiers of basic materials. Lower level equipment is already no longer necessary to craft higher level equipment. (Changed March 12th 2017) Lower material numbers required to craft items and lower drop amount/rate to compensate. Because crafting will require lower numbers of items monsters will drop a lower amount of materials (to keep material farming alive). The cost of vendor materials will be increased to compensate as well. Your inventory will no longer overflow with materials needed to craft a single item or stack of advanced materials and will have 40 extra slots. So now that we have removed extra complications and steps from recipes let's add the fun: Powders can be obtained from monsters or from farming: Farming is useful again! Life/Crystal flowers = Magic Powder Spirit/Magical flowers = Mana Powder Beast flowers = Strange Powder Base materials of all levels can be obtained from farming: Higher level barn animals will be created to obtain higher tier metal, leather and cloth. The world will be filled with more miscellaneous items, while some will only replace equipment from drops for a better way to obtain gold, many will be used in different crafting recipes. (Explained below) Dozens of rare recipes will be added for equipment of all levels, mostly for accessories such as belts, helmets, trinkets and jewellery. You can craft over 100 items (stackable item) at once with the new crafting window. Now for a visual representation and comparison of the current crafting process vs the new one. This is the current way to craft a level 120 weapon: We start with crafting a mold that has a 60% success rate. Materials: 20 Ingots 60 ore (3 each) + 20 lower tier ingot (1 each) (Petrified Ore @ 100% from Blackhorn) 30 Magical Flames 1,200 Flame Stones (40 each) + 600 Magic Powder (20 each) 20 HQ Ruby 180 Ruby (9 each) + 100 Flame Stones (5 each) Tedious, isn't it? For a single try at a 60% chance mold. Once we have our mold we proceed to craft the weapon at 80% chance. Materials: 34 Moonlight Abrasive 1,360 Blacksmith Abrasive (40 each) + 680 Strange Acid (20 each) 1 Mold 98 ingots 294 ore (3 each) + 98 lower tier ingots (1 each) 83 Wiesel Stat chances = 16~30 of one of the following: 30% STR 5% INT 30% DEX 5% WIS 30% VIT Total cost if you are successful at first try: 354 Petrified Ore 118 Cobalt Ingot (354 Cobalt Ore) 1,300 Flame Stone 600 Magic Powder 180 Ruby 1,360 Blacksmith Abrasive 680 Strange acid 83 Wiesel Now for the new way to craft a level 120 sword: Our new interface and crafting window does not require for an item to be placed in it to see what it can craft. Instead you can search recipes by level, category and name. The new recipe requires less but more diverse materials, and no longer requires a mold to be made beforehand. Materials AND Total Cost: 20 Blazing Alloy 90 Petrified Ore (NO COBALT INGOTS NEEDED to craft Blazing Alloy!) (Petrified Ore @ 10% from Blackhorn) 2 Cobalt Ingots 6 Cobalt Ore (No Perium ingots needed!) 5 Moonlight Abrasive (3,260,000 Gold // 652,000 gold each, purchased at Oasis of Parasus) 3 Suncoated Leather 9 Scorched Leather (No Stonehide leather needed!) 20 White Bone (Bones drop from all skeletons!) To recapitulate, powders will be needed mostly only for armor (Strange = Metal, Mana = Leather, Magic = Cloth). Monsters will have miscellaneous drops used in recipes and to sell for gold that will stack and take less space than dropped equipment. Let's take a look at a slime (which will now also have higher level brothers in Moonblind Swamp, The Howling Ravine, The Dark Portal and The Great Garden) Sticky Slime can be sold to vendors for 2,500, drops fairly often and is used in various recipes for equipment and weapons of all levels. Higher level slimes may also drop "Thick Slime" instead which can be sold for 12,500 gold and "Condensed Slime" at a lower rate that sells for 125,000 to vendors. Each type of monster can drop 1-3 different miscellaneous items that are used in recipes of all kinds and levels or can be sold for gold. If this change goes live, all looted materials will be reduced by 50% so that players who already have them cannot take advantage of this change. Feedback and suggestions are welcome~
  13. New Crafting System - Poll

    This is not the post for that, and no, you can still delevel.
  14. Failed to patch version 19...

    Does it happen right away when you launch the patcher or after downloading a specific file?
  15. these is bug?

    You get healed for a % of the damage the monster deals to you. so if the skill gives 10% and you get hit for 300 damage your HP will go down 300 damage and then instantly up 30 hp.
  16. Failed to patch version 19...

    Try restarting your router, it seems like a connection issue. The installer will be updated soon, then you won't have to patch on reinstall.
  17. Crafting Armor and Weapons (Crafting Update)

    Thank you for your report, we will look into this asap.
  18. Error D3DERR_Devicelost

    Are you using headphones or speakers? it could be pointing to your audio device
  19. Error D3DERR_Devicelost

    What are your specs? ram, graphic card, etc, we improved some texture related directX parameters, perhaps try updating your directx? You can also try disabling anti-aliasing through the options in the patcher, it could be too much to handle.
  20. Patch Notes [July 31st 2018]

    Game Client: Changed z-buffer clipping to fix surface clipping when zoomed out. Character: Fixed [Shield Defense] stat not being counted from buffs. [Shield Defense] is counted together with overall [Defense] when calculating damage received. [Shield Defense] is taken from an equipped shield's [Physical Defense], buffs and passives that add [Shield Defense] Without having a shield equipped [Shield Defense] is always 0, even if you have buffs or passives that add [Shield Defense] Fixed "walking" animation for wing items. Implemented a minimum damage from monsters formula. Players whose physical defense is far greater than a monster's physical attack can no longer get 1 damage. Minimum physical damage formula = playerLv * 0.33 + monsterAttack * 0.055 + LvlDifference level difference formula = monsterLv - playerLv * 3.5 Example: if you're a level 65 Infantryman tank you will take 45.19 damage ( 9 (level difference) + 21.45 (your level) + 14.74 (monster physical attack)) from a level 68 Ogre Warrior, but if you're level 70 you will take 29.19 damage instead. Interface: Changed "Wonderer" job name in stats window to "Arch Ranger". Changed "Strike" name for accuracy in imbued stats to "Accuracy". Fixed Inventory window closing and bugging out when Item Mall Warehouse window was closed. Fixed Guild Warehouse, all items can now be withdrawn without a problem. Fixed Controls window missing on grey interface. Added controls button to exit menu to help newcomers to the game. Fixed [Physical Critical Rate] not displaying properly when it was negative. Updated Character Info interface window: [Physical Critical Rate] is now displayed in percentage. [Movement Speed] is now visible. 100% equals base speed without items or buffs. New Physical/Magical stats tabs. [Block Rate] is now visible. (Some buffs/passives that say they add [Block Rate] in their tooltip actually add [Shield Defense] instead, tooltips for these were fixed.) [HP Recovery] is now visible. [MP Recovery] is now visible. [Magical Critical Rate] is now visible. [Magical Cast Speed] is now visible. 100% is base speed, above 100% is faster, under 100% is slower. Updated Crafting interface window: Search of items is now possible by: keyword, category and level. Result sorting is alphabetical or by level and alphabetical (item level, not recipe level) Items that were recipe starters can be dragged into the crafting window to show what can be crafted with them. Increased chat tips time interval. Skills: Fixed [Drop Rate] and [Exp Rate] attributes from passive type skills. Fixed 1-h skill weapon type check. Fixed [Earthquake] after level 20 to not require target to cast. Fixed [Iron Night] to have AoE damage. Changed [Path of the Panzer] Lv1 from 30 Physical Critical Rate to 50. Updated level 4 [Path of the Arch Ranger] to also give the previous levels' critical rate [Path of the Arch Ranger] Lv4 = HP +15% Crit Dmg +5% HP +15% Crit Dmg +5% Crit Rate +70 Updated level 4 [Path of the Cardinal] to also give the previous levels' maximum mana [Path of the Cardinal] Lv4 = MP Rec +20 P. Def +11% MP Rec +20 P. Def +11% MP +15% Changed [Sword Storm] to require 1-handed weapons only. Changed [Dual Weapon Mastery] (Blade Taker) name to [Dual Wield Expertise] Fixed job passive mana recovery. Changed [Ghost Break] health drain to a higher percent and added a visual effect to the victim. [Ghost Break] Lv 1~10 = 1.5%(+ 0.5% per level) 2.5%(+ 2.5% per level) Changed the following bow skills' range: [Power Shot] Lv 1~10 = 18m 16m range [Double Shot] Lv 20~25 = 18m 20m range [Double Shot] Lv 26~30 = 18m 22m range [Needle Shot] Lv 1~10 = 4m 12m range [Piercing Arrow] Lv 11~30 = 4m 14m range [Hamstring] Lv 11~20 = 16m 18m range [Hamstring] Lv 21~30 = 16m 20m range [Piercing Shot] Lv 1~5 = 13m 16m range [Piercing Shot] Lv 6~10 = 13m 18m range [Piercing Shot] Lv 11~30 = 13m 20m range [Ice Rain] Lv 1~30 = 10m 10.5m (+ 0.5 per level, 24.5m at level 30) range [Fire Arrow] Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range [Rapid Arrow] Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range [Magic Arrow] Lv 1~10 = 16m 20m range [Smoldering Shot] Lv 1~10 = 10m 21m range Changed the following gun skills' range: [Proximity Fire](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 4m 10m range [Snipe Shot](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 22m 25m range [Wild Shot](sniper) Lv 26~30 = 16m 20m range [Proximity Shot](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 3.5m 8m range [Kneeling Shot](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range [Standing Fire](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range [Standing Shot](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 22m 23m range Increased damage of panzer skills: [Standing Fire] Lv1~10 = 289 (+ 6.3% per level) 360 (+ 3.6% per level) [Kneeling Shot] Lv1~10 = 289 (+ 6.3% per level) 415 (+ 3.74% per level) [Musket Proximity] Lv1~10 = 188 (+ 1% per level) 434 (+ 3.74% per level) Added Accuracy/Evasion debuff to [Musket Blast](panzer) Added stun to [Musket Proximity](panzer) Since [Shield Training] actually increases shield defense and not block rate the amount of shield defense was changed from points to percentage for a bigger defense outcome. Fixed [Back Break] damage type and adjusted damage: [Back Break] Lv1~10 = 800 static damage (+ 50 per level) 650 (+ 3.9% per level) Increased evasion from [Side Step]: [Side Step] Lv1~4 = 2 (+ 1 per level) 3 (+ 2 per level) [Side Step] Lv5~9 = 6 (+ 1 per level) 12 (+ 3 per level) [Side Step] Lv10 = 12 30 Increased physical attack from [Bow Training] by 260%. [Revive] can now only be used on party members, has no EXP penalty after level 5 and doesn't require a purified aquamarine until level 6. [Revive] can now be used in Date Dungeons. Items: New currency item to exchange for gold for safe gold trade and storage added! Can be bought from [Mr. Gold] in [Nera Castle]. [Copper Doubloon] = 1,000,000,000 gold [1B gold] [Silver Doubloon] = 10,000,000,000 gold [10B gold] [Gold Doubloon] = 100,000,000,000 gold [100B gold] Fixed dual wield while using [Reset Skill Scroll] bug. Fixed percentage decimals on imbued stats (philosopher stones, amulets, highly concentrated stones). Fixed human male [Puppy Mitts] model. [Heart Stone of Evil] can now be enchanted and reinforced. Increased crafted and green staves' magical/physical attack per enchant level: Staves Lv35~60 = 2 per level 3 per level Staves Lv65~90 = 2 per level 4 per level Staves Lv95~125 = 2 per level 5 per level Staves Lv130~150 = 2 per level 6 per level Changed the colors of [Skirts of Feira] by popular demand. [Heart Stone of Evil] INT bonus increased to +16. Added stat buff scrolls. Added Summoner Tomes + Souls. Summoner Tome can be bought from Alice in Alker Harbor Monster souls drop from all monsters. You can only summon monsters in [The Dark Forest] and only outside of the safe zone (town). Quests & NPCs: Fixed thief job change quest name. Fixed priest job change quest name. Unlocked scout job to humans. Crafting: Unobtainable and deprecated recipes were disabled. Next tier recipes are not available for preview until that level tier is added into the game. Monsters: Field boss type monsters and bosses above level 120 can no longer be stunned, silenced, slept, frozen or paralyzed. Allowing so defeats the purpose of a fight with the toughest monster on the map and increases player cooperation to bring them down. Further balanced Sahel monsters. Stat increase from level to level reduced, evasion/accuracy lowered. Magical attack of magical monsters increased. Implemented a 5.5% damage increase per level from monsters when a monster is 9 levels above the player. (Eg: if a monster is 15 levels above you they will deal 182% of the original damage) Maps: Added a map for summoning, [The Dark Forest]. [The Dark Forest] does not have any monsters and has an Alker Harbor portal in town. [Oasis of Parasus] is now open! Monster level: 125-130. Fixed [Ruins of Draconian] gate image in [Alker Harbor]. Miscellaneous: Disabled PK looting completely, PK level bug abusing is no longer possible. Fixed Nera Harbor/Sahel portals. Fixed character animation for run/walk when wing item is hidden. Removed AutoNote button. Event: Summer Solstice is enabled! New accessory [Rover's Eyepatch] that can drop from all summer event pirates. New equipment [Redbeard's Rapier], [Black Pearl's Wheel]; sword and shield that can drop from Captain Redbeard.
  21. Crafting

    Those items look like pink stones and you probably had them at some point and sold them or threw them away, they drop from all monsters of all levels, you can also get them by deconstructing weapons.
  22. Discrd Link

  23. Please share :)

  24. Summer Fun Gacha Contents

    Now Available~! ~These costumes will be added to the Summer Gacha items pool in the next patch~
  25. Summer Fun Gacha Contents

    In this new gacha you can obtain various exclusive and custom items not available anywhere else, here are the previews! ~Wings~ ~Head Item~ ~Face Item~