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  1. Hello Everybody

    Hi, welcome to the server! Join our discord if you want to chat with other players
  2. Respawn de boss

    Cada boss es diferente, puede ser 20 minutos pero tambiƩn puede ser 5 horas.
  3. i forgot password and mail

  4. A tooltip is the message that appears when you mouse over an item. For example: Highly Concentrated gems don't say they are usable on belts, but they are. Any typos or weird English that doesn't make sense, or tooltips that are incorrect information. Write exactly what the tooltip says and explain what is wrong with it if you wish. Item Name: Tooltip: List so far: Highly Concentrated Orichalcum/Moonstone/Thunder Crystal/Fairy's Wing/Life Stone/Mana Stone ^ used to reinforce rings, necklaces and earrings. Increases ^ by x-y. ^ used to reinforce rings, necklaces, earrings and belts. Increases ^ by x-y.
  5. Login box wont pop

    Please use discord to report such things, it's faster that way. Anyway, there is a temporary service disruption and we're working on fixing it.
  6. Ask why you are banned here!

    There is a popular topic in our forums in the Indonesian section where players ask why they are banned, this is an official version for all players. It is allowed to use different languages in this topic but you must provide your information in English! Staff members must and will reply both in your language, if they speak it, and English. You can provide your ID or your character name if you do not wish to disclose your ID. HOWEVER, only staff members will be able to look up your character name which will take longer than a regular player looking up your ID in IRC! [if you were banned more than ~1,5 years ago the reason for your ban might be unobtainable] Ask why you got banned: Check why you got banned yourself through IRC! [Guide how to use IRC]
  7. About Monster Damage Rate

    What is normal damage? no damage at all? Maybe now you will realize you need a healer if you want to tank 10 monsters at once and the healer class becomes useful. Mage is not a tank class, fighter tank jobs have high block, high hp recovery and high health. Even the toughest mage jobs have hp recovery and health buffs and passives.
  8. If you are getting an error about a missing DX9 file, example "d3dx9_43.dll" please download and install this DirectX9 update:
  9. Street Fighter Shoes Costumes

    Can you show a screenshot? I don't quite understand.
  10. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    It was swords only, now it's 1-hand only but all 1-h weapons. If you disagree with it feel free to post a topic in suggestions with your points on why it should be otherwise.
  11. Hp recovery stat can't go up

    Please provide a screenshot of you wearing the item and your stat window.
  12. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the server! Feel free to use discord if you have any questions or need help:
  13. hi guys!

    Welcome back!

    If you suck during duels now that just means you always sucked in duels.
  15. Crafting bug

    There is a second list underneath the big list where you select which recipe to use to craft the item.
  16. Nera Harbor Panzer Test [1.7.1]

    Good video, keep it up!
  17. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    Great improvement!
  18. Can they give back my item or nah?

    Hi, items sold to NPCs are gone forever and can't be recovered unfortunately.
  19. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    You used copyrighted music so not everybody can see your video, I suggest using one of our BGMs instead.
  20. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    This was fixed in patch 1.7.3, you can now see it in your stats window.
  21. Patch Notes [Aug. 5th 2018]

    Character: Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage numbers for stat and damage calculation. Interface: Fixed item amount for unstackable items in craft window. Fixed list colors in different interface windows. Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage for stat calculation in character stat window. Magic attack was not nerfed, the number you saw before was incorrect. Items: Removed lower tier equipment from salvaging outcome for equipment. Disabled salvaging of common green equipment (will update in the future). Adjusted many common equipment recipe material amounts. Fixed some material and helmet icons. Fixed wrong equipment type tooltip on legendary necklaces. Quests: Fixed Treasure Hunter job quest not working for elf scout. Skills: Fixed [Power Prayer: Conviction] to the correct magical critical stat. Fixed [[Guild] Sharp Eye] to the correct magical critical stat. Fixed [Iron Night] physical damage type. Fixed missing weapon mastery for magical attack. Staves no longer increase physical attack, they increase magical attack. Maces increase both physical and magical attack.
  22. Arch Ranger Path

    If you don't want any evasion and want pure damage/critical that path is fine, with the job passive fix for level 4 arch ranger path, the range buff on most bow skills and the buff on bow training you'll be able to kite just fine, without the need of standing there and getting hit.
  23. Newbie Here!

    Hi, crafted maces are fine if you can't get a rare one, the magical attack on all maces was buffed a while ago. Currently the only rare mace for crusader from monsters is in Oasis of Parasus which is a level 120+ map.
  24. Hello Celestians! We have been working on ideas on how to improve the features within the game, a vital one being the crafting system. Currently, when we think of crafting it feels like it has become repetitive, dull and at higher levels a task that very few enjoy or will partake in, due to different reasons. So this is our proposition for a better crafting system. Keep in mind that this will not go live unless 75% of the votes agree on the new system and we get at least 100 votes. This topic is easily translatable to any language with Google Translate (easily available in Chrome). Let's dive in! First of all these are the changes to how crafting will work: Vendor items can no longer be destroyed for materials. All materials will be obtained from monsters, farming, fishing and questing. Dropped equipment can still be destroyed for materials. Common (white name) Jewellery will no longer be crafted. Common Jewellery will become Uncommon (green name) and will only drop from monsters and quests. This jewellery will obtain random stats (blue stats like from Philosopher's stones) when dropped. Wiesel, Harmel and Accesswel will no longer exist nor be necessary for crafting. Strange Powder, Magic Powder and Mana Powder will drop from all monsters and will substitute Wiesel, Harmel and Accesswel. Strange Powder will drop from beasts. Magic Powder will drop from magical creatures. Mana Powder will drop from humanoids. All other powders and essences currently required to craft jewellery will no longer exist nor be necessary. Reducing the base materials from 4 (metal, leather, cloth, essence) to 3 (metal, leather, cloth). Basic Patterns will no longer exist or be necessary. All common equipment will be crafted directly from materials. (If the change takes place you will be able to destroy the molds/patterns you have already crafted for a full cost refund of materials) Advanced Basic Materials will no longer be crafted, instead they will be bought in appropriate level cities. Thread -> Strengthened Thread -> Fairy's Thread Skein -> Moonlight Thread Skein (for example) will all be bought from vendors. Alker Harbor -> Zakandia -> Nera Castle -> Oasis of Parasus are the maps that will have the above tiers of basic materials. Lower level equipment is already no longer necessary to craft higher level equipment. (Changed March 12th 2017) Lower material numbers required to craft items and lower drop amount/rate to compensate. Because crafting will require lower numbers of items monsters will drop a lower amount of materials (to keep material farming alive). The cost of vendor materials will be increased to compensate as well. Your inventory will no longer overflow with materials needed to craft a single item or stack of advanced materials and will have 40 extra slots. So now that we have removed extra complications and steps from recipes let's add the fun: Powders can be obtained from monsters or from farming: Farming is useful again! Life/Crystal flowers = Magic Powder Spirit/Magical flowers = Mana Powder Beast flowers = Strange Powder Base materials of all levels can be obtained from farming: Higher level barn animals will be created to obtain higher tier metal, leather and cloth. The world will be filled with more miscellaneous items, while some will only replace equipment from drops for a better way to obtain gold, many will be used in different crafting recipes. (Explained below) Dozens of rare recipes will be added for equipment of all levels, mostly for accessories such as belts, helmets, trinkets and jewellery. You can craft over 100 items (stackable item) at once with the new crafting window. Now for a visual representation and comparison of the current crafting process vs the new one. This is the current way to craft a level 120 weapon: We start with crafting a mold that has a 60% success rate. Materials: 20 Ingots 60 ore (3 each) + 20 lower tier ingot (1 each) (Petrified Ore @ 100% from Blackhorn) 30 Magical Flames 1,200 Flame Stones (40 each) + 600 Magic Powder (20 each) 20 HQ Ruby 180 Ruby (9 each) + 100 Flame Stones (5 each) Tedious, isn't it? For a single try at a 60% chance mold. Once we have our mold we proceed to craft the weapon at 80% chance. Materials: 34 Moonlight Abrasive 1,360 Blacksmith Abrasive (40 each) + 680 Strange Acid (20 each) 1 Mold 98 ingots 294 ore (3 each) + 98 lower tier ingots (1 each) 83 Wiesel Stat chances = 16~30 of one of the following: 30% STR 5% INT 30% DEX 5% WIS 30% VIT Total cost if you are successful at first try: 354 Petrified Ore 118 Cobalt Ingot (354 Cobalt Ore) 1,300 Flame Stone 600 Magic Powder 180 Ruby 1,360 Blacksmith Abrasive 680 Strange acid 83 Wiesel Now for the new way to craft a level 120 sword: Our new interface and crafting window does not require for an item to be placed in it to see what it can craft. Instead you can search recipes by level, category and name. The new recipe requires less but more diverse materials, and no longer requires a mold to be made beforehand. Materials AND Total Cost: 20 Blazing Alloy 90 Petrified Ore (NO COBALT INGOTS NEEDED to craft Blazing Alloy!) (Petrified Ore @ 10% from Blackhorn) 2 Cobalt Ingots 6 Cobalt Ore (No Perium ingots needed!) 5 Moonlight Abrasive (3,260,000 Gold // 652,000 gold each, purchased at Oasis of Parasus) 3 Suncoated Leather 9 Scorched Leather (No Stonehide leather needed!) 20 White Bone (Bones drop from all skeletons!) To recapitulate, powders will be needed mostly only for armor (Strange = Metal, Mana = Leather, Magic = Cloth). Monsters will have miscellaneous drops used in recipes and to sell for gold that will stack and take less space than dropped equipment. Let's take a look at a slime (which will now also have higher level brothers in Moonblind Swamp, The Howling Ravine, The Dark Portal and The Great Garden) Sticky Slime can be sold to vendors for 2,500, drops fairly often and is used in various recipes for equipment and weapons of all levels. Higher level slimes may also drop "Thick Slime" instead which can be sold for 12,500 gold and "Condensed Slime" at a lower rate that sells for 125,000 to vendors. Each type of monster can drop 1-3 different miscellaneous items that are used in recipes of all kinds and levels or can be sold for gold. If this change goes live, all looted materials will be reduced by 50% so that players who already have them cannot take advantage of this change. Feedback and suggestions are welcome~
  25. New Crafting System - Poll

    This is not the post for that, and no, you can still delevel.