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  1. We have automatic recovery for which you only need the ID and the email. If your case is more complicated than that and you submitted a ticket then it will take longer.
  2. Short and easy solutions for the most common technical issues that new and veteran players might experience. Even if we do already have a longer read and more detailed player constructed technical issues thread players seem to ignore it. 1. The game does not start after I click "Start Game" on the patcher: 2. Nothing happens after I select the server in the server select menu: A. Add LUNAClient.exe (located in your game folder at "C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Celestia Luna Online\") to your antivirus' exception list (if you don't know how google it, it's different for each antivirus) B. Still not seeing the game start: your antivirus has already put LUNAClient.exe in its quarantine, you will have to retrieve it or reinstall and add the exception again. (if you don't know how google it, it's different for each antivirus) 2.B The game crashes when I select the server in the server select menu: You are missing a VC++ Redist install, download and install it from here: 32-bit: 64-bit: 3. I get an error saying "D3DERR INVALIDCALL" when I run the game and it closes afterwards! This mostly happens when you try to run the game in full screen mode in a resolution that your screen does not support. Try running the game in windowed mode instead. These are the top 3 problems new and veteran players might get, for more detailed information use our search function with keywords related to your problem, all past and current technical problems have already been solved before.
  3. Hi, that skill is bugged and always adds the physical attack, regardless of your HP, we will try to fix that soon!
  4. The automatic unstuck is for DD not other maps. If Nera Castle is not offline, did you remove all items from that character's inventory?
  5. Welcome to Celestia Luna! I hope you make tons of new friends here
  6. Let's see point by point: Block: Block reduces regular attacks but crits still get through, with how insane critical damage is (we tried to fix that, nobody was willing to give up their easily earned crit damage) without block tanks are useless against rogues, which shouldn't be the case. See below for the continued point. Physical Defense: You're talking about non-edited players vs edited players (mind you the current item level cap is 135 and when level 150 opens up this won't be an issue, if the level cap was also 135 this wouldn't be an issue either) so if we nerf this what happens to non-edited tanks, which is 95% of the population? Protection Aura: I agree this skill is overpowered and will get a look at in the future. Casting Foil: this is the first time I hear about it not removing stealth, because it should. Solid Shield: @Jonah that seems so much more complicated than a simpler solution which would be lower the block rate given and add a -Phys ATK debuff that comes with the buff. Trade more block for less damage. A thing I would like to point out; it is really disappointing that our community only wishes to report bugs after it annoyed them too much and not the first time they encounter it.
  7. There is a popular topic in our forums in the Indonesian section where players ask why they are banned, this is an official version for all players. It is allowed to use different languages in this topic but you must provide your information in English! Staff members must and will reply both in your language, if they speak it, and English. You can provide your ID or your character name if you do not wish to disclose your ID. HOWEVER, only staff members will be able to look up your character name which will take longer than a regular player looking up your ID in IRC! [if you were banned more than ~1,5 years ago the reason for your ban might be unobtainable] Ask why you got banned: Check why you got banned yourself through IRC! [Guide how to use IRC]
  8. problem with login

    Visit our help page:
  9. When this happens please take a screenshot of your buffs and your inventory, that will help us find out what's causing this. Also let us know what map you were on.
  10. Congratulations! Here are our winners of the 2017 Summer Postcard Contest: 1st Place [Dieser (Leostein)] Runner Ups: hanifa & rizkiilana The following players will receive 1 summer sunglasses of their choice (red or white)! If your name is not on the list your entry was rejected for not following the rules. You may be denied a prize if it is found that you used more than one account to submit an entry. To claim your prize simply PM Orange your choice! Until the next event an have fun~
  11. Hi, that item is not transferable, as it says on the item page.
  12. Please read his original post, he is talking about the automated recovery system, not tickets. Automated recovery is for when you know your ID and email. Sometimes some mail providers have problems and will not get our emails, but after a day or two it's fixed. Those problems are mostly with yahoo.
  13. There currently is a 30% bonus event until June 19th
  14. You will be unbanned after 24 hours and that will be your warning, if you do it again it will be 1 month ban!
  15. You shouted that you dislike the server and the GMs and advertised another server.
  16. Take a nice screenshot and use it to create a beautiful postcard! Rules No inappropriate content is allowed. You must use the frame provided for your screenshot and not resize it. Add your screenshot underneath it, just like the example at the top. Your screenshot must be taken for this event and not before or long ago. Your screenshot must be taken in Celestia Luna! You must hide all names for the screenshot used (open Options, first tab, uncheck all name options). You can edit your screenshot, add effects, crop it(cut), add small images (like emoticons and clipart, do not add any logos!). Extra images added must not cover the entire screenshot. Each player is permitted a single entry. Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted. Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question. How to enter: Download the provided postcard blank (spoiler at the bottom), use it to create your entry, upload it to the forums or anywhere else and reply with your character name and your entry. Guidelines The theme is fun and summer! Make it colorful, fun, full of action, entertaining, happy, any combination of the previous. Have originality! Overly edited screenshots or screenshots covered in too much extra art (emoticons, clipart, etc) are not pretty. Prizes Every participant will obtain a pair of summer sunglasses (red or white, your choice). Top 3 entries will receive a summer accessory of their choice (Tourist Hat(M/F), Rabbit Cap(M/F), Ducky Tube, Pink Bear Tube, Green Stars Tube, Candy Stripes Tube) 1st place will also receive 1 summer costume of their choice. Good luck and have fun! Here's a web based image editor if you need one!
  17. Job passives do not work at this time.
  18. From Wikipedia: From our terms of service: You were banned for killing AFK players by intentionally luring monsters near them.
  19. All characters get automatically unstuck every 5 minutes. Next time just have patience.
  20. If one wishes to discuss their ban you can send me a PM, I will delete all posts in this topic that are not asking/answering about a ban.
  21. is this a question for the staff?
  22. He is an event boss that drops very rare items, more than the other bosses, but his respawn time is a lot shorter. The area of the tak tak monsters is also very small so having him be on only one channel leaves the other channels free to farm easily.
  23. you can fix your entry by editing your post
  24. More colors more fun! Coming this summer~ :cool:



  25. Entries that have not been accepted have a warning on their post about what's wrong with them, if you are a participant please check your entry. Submitting an entry on two different accounts by the same person is also against the rules and will be punished!